REVIEW: Moroccanoil Extra Volume Shampoo and Conditioner

Hi everyone! In today's post, I'll be bringing you a review on two products that I have recently tried from the brand Moroccanoil. As you may know in a previous post, I showed you a mini set that I purchased from the brand that contained samples of various different products. Within that set was their Extra Volume Shampoo and Conditioner and that's what I'll be reviewing for you today.

So, the shampoo and conditioner themselves are specifically designed to increase volume in fine hair. The troubles of fine hair is something I am all too familiar with  - my thin hair finds it really difficult to hold volume as well as certain styles so I always need the help of styling products. 

Moroccanoil describe their shampoo and conditioner as products that contain the antioxidant Argan oil as well as several nutrients that together help to clean, detangle and bring back body to the hair. They also promise that the duo will bring shine to the hair as well as provide it with manageability and movement. The formulas of the shampoo and conditioner are free of any sulfates, phosphates and parabens.

First Impressions:

One of the main reasons I wanted to try products from Moroccanoil is because of their well known reputation for products that hydrate and bring back life to dry, damaged hair. As a person who heat styles and colours their hair, this is an important factor for me as these things can really take their toll. Argan oil is well known for it's moisturising and nourishing properties and the products' lack of parabens and sulfates is another element that made me want to go ahead and give them a go. 

- Sulfates, phosphates and parabens are known to dry out the hair in the long term and can also strip and fade colour so I was pleased to see that these ingredients were not contained within both the shampoo and conditioner. -

Upon inspecting the products initially, one of my first thoughts was that I liked their packaging. It's simplistic and looks sophisticated in my mind and really has that air of luxury to it. I like the contrast of white and teal, too and overall I think it's nicely designed. 

The smell of these products isn't overpowering and is actually very pleasant to the senses - while I can't quite place what the scent is that I'm smelling (it could be the oils), I can safely say that it is nice.

Use and Results:

Starting with the Shampoo, the first thing I noticed was that it didn't really lather as much as I expected or would have liked it to. I like a shampoo to really lather up on my scalp because I feel it's easier to apply and to know that I'm getting it all over my hair. I had to use essentially two 'pumps' of this shampoo for the top and bottom of my hair as I found it hard to apply everywhere because of this factor. Usually, I need one pump - especially considering I have short, thin hair so for those with thicker and longer hair, this could mean you'd need even more. Despite this however, my hair did feel clarified and cleansed well so I think the shampoo did a very good job at it's overall purpose.

Now on to the Conditioner - and to be honest... I absolutely loved it! 
Instantly upon application, it detangled my hair as if by magic. Once applied, I could easily run my fingers through my hair with ease and I really felt an instant burst of moisture. When I washed it out, my hair was silky soft - more so than with any other conditioner I've probably ever tried - as if I was using an intensive mask. 

My hair was not greasy at all and once dried looked shinier, felt utterly smooth and soft and definitely had some added volume. The ends of my hair (which I have the most trouble with) were noticeably softer, too. I don't think I can praise this conditioner enough - I'm definitely in love with it! So much so in fact, that I promptly went out a bought a bigger size of it from Selfridges.


So, overall I am very pleased with these products - though definitely more so the conditioner out of the two. I probably wouldn't repurchase the shampoo because I feel as if there are cheaper alternatives that do the same job. However, I have the highest praises for the conditioner and would definitely recommend it especially if you have dry or damaged and / or thin hair and find some conditioners too heavy or greasy. 

It is pricey at around £19.35 (HQ Hair) for 250ml - but if you wash your hair 2-3 times a week anyway like me, it doesn't work out as that bad. If you still think it's a bit of splurge (which yeah, it kind of is) I'd suggest perhaps buying the mini set that I bought to see if it's worth it for you first. You can purchase the Volume Mini Set from Selfridges stores for £25.00 and you get to try out 4 products in total - (one of which is worth over £13 alone).

Have you ever tried any Moroccanoil products? 

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