REVIEW: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow and Powder Duo

Hi guys! In this post, I bring you a review on two products from Anastasia Beverley Hills. This brand has seemed to blow up in the beauty community recently - with pretty much everyone talking about their brow products in particular. Talking of their brow products, these are what I will be reviewing in this post!

Anastasia Beverley Hills Brow Powder Duo - £17.00
Dipbrow Pomade - £15.00

About the Products:

So, firstly I'll be starting with the DipBrow Pomade, this product is basically described as a waterproof brow colour that helps to sculpt and define your brows. It's said to be smudge proof and perfect for oily skin and humid weather. It can also be used as an eyeliner and comes in a whole variety of shades and undertones so you can find the perfect shade for you.

Next, we have the Brow Powder Duo which is of course a powder formula as the name suggests. It's described as lightweight in formula and as with the DipBrow, this product is meant to help define your brows but provide you with more of a natural look. Again, this product is available in a whole range of colours to suit you and is enriched with Vitamin C and E to also nourish your brows.

Appearance and Colour:

Both product have really nice, rose gold and black packaging. The combination of the two makes for a really sophisticated, more higher feel in my opinion. The packaging feels sturdy and like high quality as well, which is always a nice thing considering the price you're paying for them.

For the DipBrow, I chose the colour 'Chocolate' which for me looked like the best shade for my hair colour and skin tone. I had previously looked at swatches on the internet and found that 'Chocolate' had the right amount of warmth to it for my liking. 

The Brow Powder duo has slightly different shades compared to the Dipbrow from what I can see and so I once again used the internet to help me out a little bit. In the end, I picked up the shade 'Medium Brown'

Formula and Finish:

The formulas of both eyebrow products are of course quite different. Starting with the Dipbrow, I think it's probably best compared to that of a gel liner. When I first got mine, the formula and consistency of it was very creamy but as time has gone by, it has become a lot drier in consistency which for me makes it easier to use. In terms of finish, it's definitely creamy but isn't in any way shiny  - it's also waterproof so there's no need to worry about smudging. As a product, it is highly pigmented which made it particularly difficult to use when I first got it because of how creamy it was. Of course though, once you get the hang of it, the pigmentation of Dipbrow is one of the things that makes it such an effective product.

The Brow Powder Duo on the other hand, is obviously a powder formula. However, the powder isn't chalky and is soft upon application. The pigmentation in this product is not intense - but then again it isn't meant to be. The product provides you with a natural looking sheer to medium coverage and this is why it's great for a simply, stripped back brow look without too much intensity.

Application and Wear:

Both products require use with a brush - with both, I like to use a thin, angled liner brush. For the Dipbrow however, it is definitely best used with a synthetic brush just because of how creamy the product is and the fact that synthetic brushes with this kind of formula definitely makes it easier. Any angled brush is fine for use with the powder  - although I find a fluffier, slightly less dense brush gives a nicer application.

The Dipbrow and Powder Duo are really easy to manipulate and they both blend well. You do however need to work a little faster with the Dipbrow before it sets. Due to it's higher pigmentation, the Dipbrow is great for creating definition in the brow - particularly at the tail. I like to then use the Powder Duo in the front of my brow as that's wear I like the least product and strong definition to be. For me, these products work really well together and make a for a defined yet still natural brow look. I also think the Powder Duo sets the Dipbrow nicely to make sure everything stays where it needs to be. 

Overall, I really do like these brow product - especially the DipBrow. In terms of value for money, though I like the Powder Duo I am not sure if it's as good a deal as I think the Dipbrow is. You really need a tiny amount of product from the Dipbrow to fill in the whole brow - less is definitely more here. It glides on the brow beautifully and in my opinion looks natural yet can be manipulated to look more intense and defined as you wish. You get so much product in the pot and I can't see myself finishing it anytime soon - (I bought this back in July and still have loads left).

To conclude. the Dipbrow for me is definitely worth the money and I would 100% recommend it whereas you can probably skip the Powder Duo and go for a less expensive product. However, Anastasia Beverly Hills is a great brand for those of us who stubble finding the right shades in our brow products so this may actually be an ideal solution to that problem. 

You can purchase these products in the UK from BeautyBay!

Have you tried any of these products? What are your favourite brow products?

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