OCC Lip Tar: A How To!

OCC Lip Tar's are a cult beauty product and more and more people are discovering their love for them. I'm definitely one of those people and over the last year or so, I've been obsessing over the wonder product that is lip tar! In this post, I thought I'd share with you my thoughts on OCC's infamous product as well as how to best apply it for the most comfortable and best looking wear.

Firstly, you may be wondering what exactly Lip Tar is: 
  • Created by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC), their lip tar is basically a liquid lipstick. 
  • It is packaged in a sort of lip gloss-esque tube and it's highly and I mean highly pigmented. 
  • You also only need the smallest amount for an opaque application - seriously, you need a tiny bit.
  • In a full size Lip Tar, you get 10ml of product and let me tell, you will never run out of it - it's that pigmented and that concentrated. 

OCC makes their Lip Tar formulas in two finishes: Matte and Metallic. They have a whole host of colours available in both of these finishes from primary colours such as yellow and blue to bright neon pinks and dark blackened purples. There's truly a colour for everyone in my opinion - and if there's not, well you can actually make your own simply by mixing them together.

Now, let's get into the good stuff:

With every lip tar, you receive a mini lip pencil and believe me, you get this for a reason. You don't want to be applying this product straight from the nozzle without a brush because it's just not going to go well!

Being so darn liquid-y and rich in pigment, a brush is the best way to evenly distribute the product and ensure you get a precise application. It's also the best way to avoid mess and any potential bleeding or transfer of the lip tar onto your face or anywhere else (it can leave a temporary stain).

Being so highly concentrated, lip tar can tend to bleed if worn alone without any other products. To combat this I'd of course suggest the use of a brush, but I'd also suggest a lip liner too. I'm not really a major fan of lip liner personally so I don't really want to buy every colour under the sun and I don't always wear it if I can get away with it. So, a clear liner is perfect for me and is definitely something I'd recommend to you. OCC in fact, make a great clear liner called 'Anti-Feathered' that helps to do just that - stop your lip tar bleeding! OCC also make a clear lip primer in similar packaging to their Lip Tar which I find it conjunction with their liner is very effective.

** If you do make a mistake with the Lip Tar (which believe me, I always do) it's easy to tidy it up with a small, thin brush and some concealer. Trace the outline of your lip for a nice, clean edge and be sure to blend it out well! **

So, I think that pretty much covers the basics of Lip Tar and what to do with it... One last thing though: LESS is MORE! Use a bit at a time and you'll find applying Lip Tar way less of a daunting task - don't forget it takes the tiniest bit to make that colour super opaque and vibrant so don't feel like you have to pile it on!

And that my friends, is everything I wanted to cover in this post. Hopefully, you are now a little bit more knowledgable in the world of Lip Tar or perhaps I've simply managed to grab your interest to go ahead and try it out. Which by the way, you totally should! Lip Tar is awesome stuff.

OCC is primarily sold in the US so it's not as readily available for us in the UK. However there are stores that stock it with my personal favourite being Cocktail Cosmetics who sell products from a whole range of awesome indie makeup brands. Love Makeup also sell lip tar, as do Selfridges! OCC Lip Tar's range from around £11-£13 which considering how much you get and how little you need, is an absolute bargain in my eyes!

Thank you so much for reading this post, what are you thoughts on OCC's Lip Tars?

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