My Top Beauty Tips and Tricks!

Every day, I'm learning more and more about makeup application and finding techniques and tricks that help me apply it the way I want to! In this post, I thought I'd share with you my personal favourite tips that I use every time I apply makeup - enjoy!

Long Lasting Curled Eyelashes!

As a girl with long yet straight-as-an-arrow eyelashes, it's so frustrating trying to get a curl in them to last for more than half an hour. I'm not a fan of fake eyelashes and I certainly don't want to be wearing them everyday. When I first discovered this trick however, I actually saw results that lasted! The trick to this is the waterproof mascara - it's oil based rather than water based so it's going to help hold your curl for longer prior to your application of non-waterproof mascara.

How To: 

  • Curl your lashes without any product on them as you normally would. (Curl inwards for more dramatic results)
  • Apply one THIN (very, very thin) layer of waterproof mascara to your lashes. Wait for this to dry.
  • Curl your lashes once again (don't worry, the amount of mascara you've applied should be so minimal that your lashes will not stick to the curler - especially if you wait till you're sure it's dry!)
  • Apply your normal mascara as usual.

Concealer Clean Up Tip:

Concealer does wonders for blemishes and imperfections but one thing I didn't realise was how good it actually is for cleaning up your makeup mistakes, too.

How To:
  • Yep, just grab a thin detail brush with a bit of your concealer on it and you easily clean up your lip line, eyeliner and eyeshadow for a clean, crisp finish. Be sure to blend afterwards and you're good to go!

Make Any Lipstick Colour Matte:

Love a lipstick colour but hate it's glossy finish? Not to worry!

How To:
  • Apply your lipstick colour as usual
  • Using a small, fluffy brush apply a small amount of translucent face powder to the lips in a gentle, dusting motion. (You can also do this over a thin piece of tissue place over the lips but I do it this way and get the same results!)
  • Blend the powder by gentle pressing the lips together and you're done!

Cream and Liquid Contouring:

I love a matte contour in the form of powder but sometimes it can look a bit obvious or perhaps be a little difficult to blend especially on a liquid foundation base. When I tried cream and liquid contouring for the first time, I really liked the subtle effect it gave and I felt as if it looked really quite natural too.

How To:
  • Grab a concealer or liquid foundation of your choice that is a few shades darker than your own skin tone.
  • Apply the product using a brush or it's applicator in the areas you'd usually contour (cheek bones, down the side of the nose etc...)
  • Blend the product evenly in the area of application - you can apply the brush you'd previously used for foundation that still has product over it to help blend out the two colours more evenly as well.

Bye Bye Under Eyes!

Dark circles or bags under those eyes? Peach concealer works wonders to cancel out those dark, uneven tones under your eyes! As you know, different concealer colours are better suited for cancelling out various shades of discolouration in the skin and peach concealer is my favourite of the bunch for brighter, even under eyes.

How To:
  • Simply apply your concealer under the eyes in a gentle dabbing motion and blend out with your fingers or brush of choice!

  • Layer with your normal concealer on the top and set with powder!

Make Those Eyes Look Bigger!

I have pretty big eyes as it is, but I love the effect that this tip gives to brighter up my eyes in general.

How To:
  • Simply apply a nude coloured eyeliner to the waterline for a brighter, bigger eyed effect!

Well, there you have my favourite beauty hacks - I hope you liked this post and that maybe it came in helpful! What are your top beauty tips? I'd love to know! 

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