First Impressions: Eco Tools 6 Piece Brush Set!

Hi! In todays post, I'm bringing you another first impressions on a budget brush set. I love collecting makeup brushes- I think it's always good to have multiple brushes especially because good brushes can be very versatile and I for one am always finding different uses for them. So, this time, I'll be talking about the Eco Tools Bamboo 6 Piece Brush Set.

Eco Tools is a an eco-conscious cosmetics company that pride itself in creating natural, high quality products (most notably makeup brushes) that are also cruelty free. This particular set of brushes have natural, cruelty free bristles, are made from the highly sustainable material that is bamboo as well as recycled aluminium. Along with the set, you also get a handy little carry case which is ideal for travel.

As I said, you get 5 full size brushes in this set complete with directions and they are:

A Blush Brush - 
Gently apply blush in an upward motion to the cheeks and blend the edges.

Lash and Brow Groomer -  
Used to give brows shape and tidy them for product application. Use the comb to separate and help lengthen the lashes.

Concealer Brush - 
Use the brush tip for precise application of product and the flat side for blending.

Eye Shading Brush - 
Apply a neutral shade to the lid / crease and blend upwards towards the brow bone.

Eyeliner Brush - 
For use on both the eyes and brows. For eyes, dot product along the lash line connecting the strokes from the corner outward. For the brows, apply a small amount of the product to the brush and gently fill in sparse areas in the brow.

Overall, I'm so far impressed with these brushes. They're super soft and feel like high quality to me when handling them. From inspection, the brushes don't shed which is always something I look for in a brush because this can really impact on performance. 

Another aspect that I really appreciate from this brush set and from Eco Tools as a company is their eco-friendly, cruelty free prospect to creating beauty products - this is something that I think is very admirable and is definitely something I know a lot of people are strongly behind. 

For such a small price of £15.99, you're getting really well made and high quality brushes and I personally think the price is therefore quite a steal! I mean, that's around the price you'd pay for one higher end brush and these definitely compete in terms of softness and quality as I'm sure they will too in performance.

I got my brushes from Boots!

Thank you for reading this post, have you ever tried Eco Tools brushes?

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