Review: Tigi Bed Head Epic Volume Shampoo & Conditioner

Hey! Now, I know it's a beauty blog and all, but I've been talking an awful lot about makeup recently and I thought it's about time I wrote about something hair related...

So I got this duo from Look Fantastic and I have to say right off the bat that this stuff smells FANTASTIC. It is heavenly, it truly is. It smells like you're washing your hair with strawberries, and candy floss and all sorts of beautifully delicious smelling treats. So yeah, it's sweet (think along the lines of Lush's Snow Fairy if you're into that) and very pleasant to use in my opinion. Of course, if sweet smelling hair doesn't sound good to you, then I'd steer clear because this scent does stick around. I'm pretty sure though that I'd buy these products are purely for their lovely smell so as you may already have guessed, I like it a lot.

Now, perhaps we should get into how it actually works and stuff, eh? So Tigi's Epic Volume Shampoo and Conditioner is of course made to provide your hair with volume and body. It promises to thicken your hair, boost volume and give you bounce and fullness without the heaviness. As a girl with thin hair, volume is definitely something I struggle with gaining and maintaining so this is one of the main reasons I wanted to try these. Upon application, the shampoo is very creamy and lathers well - though I tend to need to use around 1 and a half pumps. Similarly, I use around 2 pumps of conditioner though I do still find both easy to apply to the hair. The shampoo is sulphate is free which is something I've been looking for more in hair products because sulphate shampoos and conditioners can be very drying and damaging on the hair. However, I'm pretty sure that the conditioner is not sulphate free so that's something to bare in mind.

I do think that the shampoo and conditioner provided me with volume and I definitely see and feel more body and fullness within it. Whether it's epic? Maybe not that far - but I'm still happy with the results as I am noticing a difference nonetheless. I haven't actually blow dried after using these products so perhaps that would really provide you with some mega volume if that's what you're going for. I don't however blow dry my hair but I think the fact that I still notice a difference without that means it would most likely definitely do something for those of you that do!

So, the price of this shampoo and conditioner is on the expensive side - at £24.50 (LookFantastic), they are definitely an investment but there are still products out there that are definitely a lot more expensive. You do also get a generous 750ml per bottle which is definitely going to last you a while so I feel like that does even it out a little bit. As well as that, this shampoo definitely does something and the smell is divine - I consider it luxurious because of all these things so it's something to consider a treat for your hair as well. I think at the end of it all, it depends what you're looking for in haircare - if you're not bothered about your shampoo and conditioner then maybe this isn't for you or perhaps it would be a better gift. If on the other hand you're looking for something luxurious and something that's gonna smell great and do a specific job, I'd give this a go. You can buy a smaller 250ml version of each product too if you're wanting something a little less pricey to try out. Overall, I love this duo and it's definitely going to stay in my hair product rotation!

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