Review: The Body Jewellery Shop Earrings.

Hey guys! Today I have a review for you of some jewellery pieces that went *sent* to me from Body Jewellery Shop.

I was sent two sets of earrings from this company and in this post I'm going to show you some pictures and tell you what I think of the products I received. The Body Jewellery Shop has a whole range of body jewellery on offer and they have a huge collection of great ear piercing products to choose from.

The earrings that I myself received were both chosen by me and the very first pair are these mini pearl stud earrings. As you can see, they have a white pearl stud and the rest of jewellery including the butterfly back is made from silver. These earrings retail for £1.99 from the Body Jewellery Shop site.

I also received these clear jewelled studs - the jewel is a small heart stone and again it has the classic butterfly back. These are made from sterling silver and the stone measures at 5mm and the gauge at 1mm. These earrings retail also for just £1.99.

What I love about both of these sets of earrings is their simple, classic style. They are subtle and not too out there which for me is exactly what I like in a pair of earrings. This is also means that they're going to go with absolutely anything you wear - thus making them so versatile. I love how small and dainty they as I think they look so nice in the ear - their size also gives them a really feminine look.

 I think these earrings are made well and I in my opinion they feel like good quality. They are comfortable to wear and easy to put in. Overall, I really like these earrings and I especially think they're a steal for just £1.99 each - that's really good value for money and I'd definitely buy off the site myself for my jewellery needs.

** Thank you to etailPR and The Body Jewellery Shop for sending me these items. All opinions are my own! **

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