REVIEW: Benefit's Posietint and Benetint!

Hey guys! Today I'm going to be reviewing not one but TWO lip products from Benefit: they're infamous Benetint and the Posietint lip and cheek stains. 

About the Product:

Benetint is a cult favourite among Benefit cosmetics lovers and makeup junkies a like. It's one of if not the most famous product Benefit has ever released. Benetint is a rose-tinted cheek and lip stain that is meant to provide you with a natural flush of colour that also lasts for hours. Posietint similarly to Benetint is used in the same way but is more a poppy, pink tinted stain.

Packaging and Application:

Both products come in cute, nail-polish like bottles with the same sort of applicator brush you'd find in one too. This applicator makes it really easy to get a fast and precise application and it also picks up a nice amount of product, too. Being so liquidly however (specifically Benetint), it can drip from the brush which can be a little annoying but it's really too much of an issues for me.

Shade and Pigmentation:

As you can imaging by the phrase 'flush of colour', these stains aren't meant to be majorly pigmented and are designed to give you a nice, sheer and natural application. I have however found that they can be built up nicely with a few layers so you can get a little more colour out of them. This is also particularly handy if you want to layer the products over a similar colour lipstick or gloss. Both shades are flattering though are perhaps not ideal for darker skin tones as I'm not sure how much colour payoff you'd really get - though Benetint may work, Posietint probably won't offer you much. So, when discussing the actual shades of the two products Benetint is that classic rose flush colour - a mix between red and pink whereas Posietint is a lot more of the pink side and is a little bit more softer.

Formula and Wear:

Benetint is very much a complete liquid stain whereas Posietint is actually a liquid-gel formula making it that little bit thicker. Being a liquid, Benetint therefore can easily fall into and dry into the cracks and lines of your lips so it's important that you work fast. It's also a little bit more on the drier side so you may want to apply a balm or chapstick before application. Posietint is easier to work with and has more of a creamy finish to it. I rarely use stains on the cheeks as it's just not my favourite formula type to use on them but on the lips, I've found that both products wear well. As they dry so fast and are more of a stain, there's little to no transfer and this also means that they last for the whole day as well. Of course, being so sheer of an application, you will find that the bit of intensity there does fade over time (around 5-6 hours) so you may want to apply a little bit more here and there especially if you're wearing the products alone.

Overall, I really love these two lip products. I think they're perfect for a simple, natural makeup look on those days where you're in a rush or just don't feel like wearing much. They provide you with a lovely flush of colour which lasts and can be built upon easily. They're also really handy to just chuck in your bag on the go if you fancy taking off your current lipstick for something less high maintenance. And of course, they're a 2 in 1 product so you don't have to carry a blush and a lipstick! In terms of price, these are £24.50 each which yes does seem like an awful lot for a lip product. But trust me, you get ALOT - even in the mini's which you can find in Benefit gift sets. I'm quite confident that a full size product could probably last you up to a year if not longer so with that in mind, it's actually quite a decent price for a Benefit product if you ask me!

As you can see, I have the mini versions of the two which I purchased in Boots as part of a stocking gift set in which you can choose 5 minis from Benefit for £15! As far as I know this is only available in store but there are plenty of Benefit gift sets on Boots containing these products that you can find here. Alternatively you can find the full size Benetint here and the full size Posietint here!

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