Christmas Lush Haul!

Hey guys! I have a little haul post for you all today - I haven't done one in quite a while so I hope you enjoy! I have a Christmas themed Lush haul for you with some goodies that are all early Christmas presents - I popped in to Lush yesterday to pick up some of them myself, too.

Firstly, I got 2 bottles of Snow Fairy - I got the large bottles (500g) as you can see and they retail for £11.95! Snow Fairy is probably the most popular product released at Christmas time in Lush and honestly, I can see why. It smells gorgeous firstly and I'd happily buy it all year round if it was sold then just because of that fact alone! Snow Fairy also contains this really beautiful blue sparkle that contrasts really nicely with the pink - it just makes the whole product feel that little bit more Christmassy and along with the smell, it really makes you feel so pampered when using it. This year, Snow Fairy also has an additional ingredient of skin-softening seaweed. If you buy anything from Lush this year, I'd definitely go for this!

Next off, I got a little bottle (100g) of the Rose Jam shower gel which retails for £4.75 - I have previously tried the bath / bubble bar of this scent and I'm really excited to try out this. Rose Jam is a rose scented shower gel containing argan oil, organic rose absolute and rose oil together with vanilla pod.

On to the bath bombs and bubble bars now; I firstly have the Father Christmas bath bomb which is supposed to turn your bath bright red and then to a vivid green. To my liking, it also contains the Snow Fairy scent which I think is great! These bath bombs retail for £3.50 each.

I also got the Candy Moutain bubble bar which is a lovely sweet smelling treat with vanilla. It smells like Lush's infamous Rock Star soap and with give your bath plenty of bubbles layered with a pretty pink mist on top! Candy Moutain Bubble Bars retail for £2.95 each!

So, finally in this haul I got the ButterBall bath bomb which is a bath bomb perfect for dry, sensitive and irritated skin. It contains cocoa butter and ylang ylang for that extra bit of relaxation. These retail at Lush for £2.65 each!

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