Winter Lip Care!

It's getting cold, and that means our skin often needs a little more extra care - especially our lips! They can get cracked, dry and sore and that's not a good look under your favourite lipstick now is it? So, in this post I thought I'd share with you my favourite lip treatments and products to help renew and protect your lips!

Eucerin's Aquaphor is a multi-purpose skin balm that can be used on any sore, dry and cracked areas of skin. It's fairly thick in consistency and once rubbed into the skin or lips, goes very far so you really only need a small amount. It has a kind of vaseline-like finish to the skin and so it is therefore quite shiny. As a treatment, I like to use this in the night time which means I can really use as much as a I want and not care what it looks like! I find it be instantly soothing and to not in any way irritating. It has no scent to it (from what I can tell, anyway) and it's definitely not perfumed meaning it's great for use on sensitive skin. I find this stays on the skin for quite a while, leaving my lips feeling soft and moisturised for a long time. I also feel as it really helps to soften any dry skin and I do personally notice a difference in dryness after around 2 days of use.

This is a really nice lip balm for daily use. It's a great base for lip products and the peppermint oil it contains give your lips that fresh, tingling feeling - it's not too overpowering either so it's actually quite placement. This also helps to give it a lovely scent too which is why it's nice to wear all day long. It's not an intense treatment by any means but is a good product for maintaining a bit of moisture in the lips.

I really like the EOS Lip Balms - again I think they're ideal for every day use. They're non greasy and they smell GREAT! Especially this particular scent / flavour (Strawberry Sorbet) which smells so good I'd happily eat it! They do condition the lips and I'd say they're a little bit more moisturising that the Burts Bee's balms. The downside of this product is that it is a little more pricier for a simple lip balm, at an average of £6.00, I do think it's a little bit expensive for what you get. Nonetheless, I do really enjoy the smell and performance of this product and so I would recommend them. In the UK, the only place I've seen them is in Urban Outfitter and Selfridges so they can also be a little bit hard to come by, too.

This is sort of a similar product to the Eucerin Aquaphor but it's a lot more intensive. It's also a lot more pricey, but for me it's definitely been worth it. This product eliminates and reduces redness, dryness and any soreness on the skin literally overnight. While more stubborn areas may not be completely restored, they are significantly treated after just one night. Once again, a little bit does go along way, so you do actually get an awful lot of product considering this fact. This product also has multiple uses - both skincare and beauty related. It can add a beautiful shine to your lipstick, is a great base for glitter or pigments and is also brilliant for keeping those brows in place. As a lip treatment, this stuff is seriously moisturising and conditioning and really helps to sooth my dry and sore lips. I also use this on areas of irritation from my eczema or simply just any scrapes or cuts I may get - it works brilliantly on both! Yes, it's a little bit expensive but there are places you can get it discounted (which I've linked in it's title) and I do believe it's worth it if you're looking for something like this!

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