REVIEW: Lime Crime Velvetine in Utopia!

Hey guys! I've got a review on the blog today and it's going to be on Lime Crime's Velvetine lipstick in the shade 'Utopia'. This is a popular product in the beauty community and I'm certainly late to the party even though I've been eyeing them up for some time! I originally wanted the classic red shade but Utopia caught my eye and I decided to get that instead.

Like a lot of Lime Crime products, the packaging is unique and attractive, I love the rose printing on it. It also feels like quality, the packaging is sturdy and well made which always nice.

So, the colour itself is a cool toned purple-pink shade - it's described as a 'bold orchid' on the Lime Crime website. I think i'd agree with this more or less, but I do feel it's a little more on the pink side than it is the purple. Either way though, the colour is really beautiful and bold. I love a bright lip and you won't be disappointed with this shade by any means - it's SUPER pigmented and in one coat you'll have opacity but with two you'll have that jaw-droppingly bright vibrancy.

In formula, it's basically a liquid lipstick - it'll go on like a thick kind of gloss consistency and will then dry to a matte finish like you've just applied a normal, matte lipstick. It does also have that 'velvet' kind of finish it claims to as opposed to something that looks super dry (which a lot of matte products really can). It's not as creamy as say the Bourjois Velvets though - which isn't an issue for me but might be something you'd want to keep it mind if you prefer a creamier finish.

So, how long does this product last on the lips? A good long while, actually. I wore this product for around 6 hours straight with drinking and talking involved and it didn't budge. The colour payoff stayed true all through that time and there was no bleeding or smudging. I did find it 'crumbled' a little bit in the very inner area of the lip but this was minimal. When removing the product from my lips, I actually found it stained a little which I actually find quite a good thing - it kind of shows you just how long lasting it is. Don't worry though, I applied a little bit more pressure than usual and it eventually came off without any fuss!

There are many products out there with a similar idea to the Lime Crime Velvetines. The one that might come to mind for most is MUA's Luxe Velvet Lacquers - they have similar packaging, a similar colour range and a lot of people say they're dupes. Whilst I do really like the MUA version and think they're good for their value, I have to say that they're trumped by Lime Crime on this one. They last so much longer and I think you get a lot more pigmentation from them as well. If you want to be wearing a colour for the whole day, the MUA Lacquers simply aren't going to work for you. From my experience, they crumbled within an hour or two and it was very noticeable. Lime Crime's Velvetines have that staying power and that vibrant colour and for me, it's so worth the price.

I purchased my Velvetine from the website Cocktail Cosmetics and it was £13.50. As far as I know, in the UK Lime Crime is only sold online and I personally love Cocktail Cosmetics for hard to find and higher end makeup products. They stock many popular, alternative and vegan / cruelty free makeup brands!

Anyway, that's my review of the Lime Crime Velevetine in Utopia - it's a beautiful product and I'll definitely be sticking some more on Christmas list! Have you tried this product, do you know any good dupes? Let me know!

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