Guest Post: Astr0man

Hi guys. You may have noticed that I’m not Levinia! My name is Steph, I run a primarily nail tutorial based Youtube channel called ‘Astr0man.’

I started experimenting with nail varnish and nail art in April of this year and I’ve steadily improved and my confidence has grown tenfold. A lot of people would ask me how I did my designs, or ask me to do their nails and teach them how to do it and after a lot of deliberation I finally decided to start up my Youtube channel and share my nail art journey.

I’ve been obsessed with Youtubers such as Elleandish, MissJenFABULOUS, cutepolish and Robin Moses for so long and I really think that it was these channels that sparked my passion and inspired me to do this myself (so, if you’re interested in nails and beauty definitely give these girls a watch!)
I am not a pro, and I’m constantly searching for new designs and new techniques and I’m inviting all of Levinia’s readers to check my channel out and learn with me!
Thank you for taking the time to read this and 100000 thank you’s to Levinia for giving me this guest spot.

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