First Impressions: Sugarpill's Sparkle Baby Palette

Hello guys, in this post I'm going to be doing a first impressions on one of Sugarpill's most recent release; the Sparkle Baby Palette. This palette contains four full sized shadows - they're all pastel in shade and are very shimmery and as the name suggests, full of gorgeous sparkle!

The shades in this palette are:

Kitten Parade - A peach shadow with shimmer and a rich golden sheen.
Frostine - A frosty lavender shade.

Candy Crush - A shimmery aqua-mint shadow.
Hotsy Totsy - A bright magenta colour with irredescent sparkle.

I love the cute names of these shadows and the whole palette is packaged so nicely. It's really cute as SugarPill always is and I think it adds a lot of character and authenticity to Sugarpill as a brand. The shadows are all very beautiful and nicely pigmented - Frostine is probably my favourite as I am of course a lover of all things purple. After using this palette a few times, I can say that while there is a little bit of fall out in some of the shades, the shadows are definitely good quality and blend like a dream. I feel as if all these colours are really unique and will be great for a Winter look - pastels are really popular at the moment and though many like to go for darker, more smokey looks, I for one think this palette is a great alternative for an eye look. With that added sparkle and shimmer, these are particularly ideal for the festive, Christmas period!

Though these colours are sold separately, you're actually getting a really good deal for this palette. Alone, the shadows are £8.95 each meaning that all four would be (cue awkward calculations in my head): £35.80. That means you're saving an impressive £10.85 which basically means you're getting a shadow free! Personally, I think that's a smashing deal and I really like the palette itself as well. I think you'd like this palette too if you're into shimmery shades and I think this is a palette that would be versatile for all seasons and times of the year.

I got my palette from Cocktail Cosmetics!

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