First Impressions: BH Cosmetics Pop Art Brush Set

Hi! So, I've been doing a lot of reviews and first impressions lately... I guess that means I've been spending too much, huh? Well, today is no different and I'm bringing you a first impressions on a set of brushes from BH Cosmetics.

So, the set i'm going to be writing about is the 10 Piece Pop Art Brush set. This set comes with the 10 brushes (obviously) and a handy little brush caddy. The brushes are synthetic and have bright, neon coloured handles which instantly caught my attention. This is definitely a fun looking brush set and adds that cute pop of colour to your brush collection! So, lets get into the brushes we get and their intended uses:

1 - Powder Brush: Application of face powder and / or blush.
2 - Angled Powder or Blush Brush: Great for powder application in the contours of the face and /or blush to the cheek area.

3 - Foundation Brush: Application of liquid foundation.
4 - Flat Complexion Brush: Would be ideal for concealer application / blending.

5 - Complexion Blending Brush: Blending of foundations and / or concealers.
6 - Tapered Blender: Blending eyeshadow / softening lines.

7 - Fluffy Angled Shadow Brush: Ideal for application in the crease and outer corner.
8 - Angled Liner: Application of brow products / liner.

9 - Spooley: Good for brushing through the brows and / or brushing out mascara on the lashes.
10 - Lip Brush: Ideal for gaining a smooth, even application of a lipstick.

So, the verdict. Well, I'm really impressed with these brushes. They're so inexpensive and considering their purpose, I didn't expect too much. However, I'm really pleasantly suprised and I think these brushes are really good quality. They're so soft (like, seriously) and there is zero shedding. They look great which is always a bonus and from what I've tried so far, they do their job and they do it well! What more could I ask for? For such an inexpensive set, I praise these brushes highly and I'd definitely recommend them. I think I'll definitely be trying more of BH Cosmetics' brushes in the future and I suggest you do too!

I got these brushes directly from the BH Cosmetics site and they were $18.95 (£12.09). Don't worry, there's no duty even with delivery!

Have you tried BH Cosmetics brushes? What were your thoughts?

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