Review: Revlon Color Stay Foundation.

Hey! Today I'm coming at you with a beauty review - to be specific, it's going to be on the highly coveted Revlon Color Stay Foundation! Although this product has been popular for a long time, it's only been for the past few weeks that I've actually decided to purchase it and fully give it a go. In this post, I'll share my thoughts and let you know how I got on with the product.

So, first things first this foundation is made specifically for certain skin types and it therefore has formula variations depending on the type of skin you have. Personally, I love this fact about the foundation and it's something I don't think I've ever seen before from any other brands. It's nice to know that you can use a product without having to worry about your skin type because they're already done that for you. The foundation comes in formulas for Normal to Dry Skin and Oily / Combination Skin.

Now, I originally purchase this product a few months ago but ignorant old me didn't actually check the formulation and I ended up getting the one for Oily / Combination skin types. As a girl with skin on the dry side, it's safe to say the foundation and I didn't really get along too well. Naturally, I felt it very drying and hated the way it looked on my skin. Finally, I paid attention this time and I recently purchase the one actually for my skin type. As you can imagine, the foundation for normal to dry skin has more of a dewy finish and vice versa for the oily to combo one. This is ideal for me because dewy foundations help to diminish signs of dryness on my face.

In terms of shade range, I do feel that you get a decent colour selection with varying undertones. I got my foundation in 'Buff' which I think is more or less a good match for my skin colour, if not perhaps a little more on the pale side - which I don't actually mind too much. The consistency of the foundation is surprisingly thinner than I expected because it's widely thought to be a fuller coverage foundation. This and the fact there is no pump on the bottle can make trying to get product out a little bit messy which can be kind of annoying but I suppose you can always just buy a pump (though I'd much rather Revlon just put them on). 

Coverage wise, I'm really impressed with this foundation. When my skin and I are not getting along, I tend to get a lot of redness and this foundation really helps with that. You can barely see any redness showing through so for that reason I'd think that this foundation would be good for anyone suffering with acne or rosacea or really any skin condition causing discolouration / redness. 

The foundation feels light and it blends like a dream on the skin. I'm left with a beautiful, glow and a lovely dewy finish to my skin which is exactly what I like to go for. I like to apply my foundation with a buffing brush which I feel really helps me achieve a more flawless finish and for those days where I don't want so much coverage, I'll go over this with a damp beauty sponge. The foundation is also very long wearing and is therefore ideal for longer days.

Overall, I don't really have a bad thing to say about this foundation. Ideally, I'd like it to come with a pump but this is definitely a factor I can overlook. For a drugstore foundation, it is on the pricer side but for me, I do think it's worth it and that you are indeed getting very good quality for your money. If you are looking for a nice, lightweight but full coverage foundation - I'd give this a go for sure. This is now my go to foundation and I can see it being a favourite of mine for quite a while.

You can purchase Revlon ColorStay foundation at your local Boots for £12.49.

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