How I Style: Dr Martens

Hey guys, in this post I want to start a brand new series of posts. I'm going to title it 'How I Style..' (original, I know) and within this series, I'll be showing you how I style a particular piece of clothing, an accessory or a pair of shoes.

I think it's always interesting to see how different people style an item of clothing - I like to see how they put their own spin on it and make it work in a look for them. With that in mind, I thought it would be a fun idea for me to share with you how I like to style certain things.

I'm using the Shopcade widget for these posts and it allows me to create my own lists full of products I want to categorise together. Through these lists and through the Shopcade site, you can purchase items from many well known brands and shops and if you like something you see on this post, simply click the image and it'll direct to it's page!

So - todays item is Dr Martens. I love Dr Martens and I currently own 3 pairs of the traditional style, 8 eyelet boots. I think they're so versatile and extremely comfortable to wear - they're amazing quality which means you can pretty much wear them for life. Here I'll be showing you 3 different outfits I'd usually wear with my Docs.

Outfit 1 - Vintage Girly

This outfit is on the griller side showing that a pair of Docs really can go with anything. This outfit pairs a simple polka dot dress, a cream jumper and a denim jacket. You can mix and match these last two items depending on the weather. Some gold accessories like a cute locket necklace would add that vintage feel.

Outfit 2 - Casual Grunge

This a more casual, laid back look - perfect for a long or busy day. I've teamed an oversized tartan shirt with a plain black cami and some ankle grazer skinny jeans. I like to roll up my jeans a little sometimes too when wearing my Docs. Team this look with a choker and tattoo style necklace and you get that cool, grunge feel.

Outfit 3 - Grunge Glam

This outfit shows you how I'd pair up my patterned Docs with a look but this outfit can really go with any pair you own. A plain dress red dress, denim jacket and grunge accessories make a really great look that I think is super versatile for both day and night. Team this with a matching red lip and you've got a great party look!

As always, thank you for reading this post - let me know what you thought of these looks!

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