First Impressions: Foreo Luna Mini

Hello! Apologies for my sporadic posting as of late, I'm trying to get back into the swing of things with University. I'll get there soon enough.. promise! So, today I'm bringing you a review of Foreo Luna Mini - which is a deep-cleansing facial brush. According to the website, the Luna is a device that uses T-Sonic technology, providing you with a deep yet gentle cleanse - eradicating dirt, oil and makeup along the way and giving you brighter, healthier looking skin. The website claims that just 1 minute day and night of using the Luna will give you results in only 3 days.

The first thing that I like about this product is it's packaging and design. It's sleek and stylish and comes in a variety of colours to choose from - I got the hot pink as you can see! The device itself has 3 separate silicone areas that make it perfect for any skin type. The device is also 100% waterproof and with just one hour charge can provide you with around 300 uses.

I've been using the Luna Mini for almost a week now and so I thought I'd share with you my initial thoughts and feelings. As directed, morning and night I firstly applied my cleanser of choice as normal, wet the Luna and used it to wash my face. The device has a timer built into it which tells you how long to spend on each area of the face until the designated one minute is up. There are also two power settings with varying strength depending on the kind of clean you want.

So, after my very first use I can definitely confirm that my face felt cleaner. After several uses, my dry and sensitive skin has begun to feel a lot smoother and it's helping with my dryness. Though it's still early days, I do feel that the Luna has really helped to brighten my skin and I feel like it looks and feels a lot healthier. The redness in my face has also been drastically subdued in my opinion - this was something I was struggling to control in the past. Moisturisers and serums sink into my skin alt more effectively and I feel as if they can do a better job because my skin is a lot cleaner.

I've felt absolutely no irritation from the device and I do suffer with sensitive and eczema prone skin. I can confirm that this device has done nothing to make my skin any worse and if anything has been all but positive for it! The silicone touch points are soft and gentle and they delicately cleanse skin as I use the device is circular motions.

In terms of maintenance, the Luna is easy to clean and keep in check. All I do is rinse out the device with warm water, dry it and then you're good to go! As I said, you only need to charge the device for one hour and it's done via a handy USB charger meaning it's perfect for on the go.

Over all, I've definitely noticed a positive change to the appearance and condition of my skin. My skin is brighter, softer and in general feels healthier. I feel like this is definitely something to consider as an investment and so far, so good for me. The Luna Mini retails at £99 and you can purchase it online or at larger Boots stores!

So, those are my thoughts on the Luna Mini - have you tried it? If so, what are your initial thoughts?


Face of the Day #7: Colourful Liner

Hey guys! Today I'm coming at you with a makeup of the day post. This look was one I kind of wanted to play around with. I went for a bright liner (something I never do) and a bright lip combo.

Products Used:

Revlon ColorStay Foundation (Normal - Dry Skin) in 'Buff' - £12.49
Revlon ColorStay Concealer in 'Light' - £6.99
L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara in 'Black' - £10.99
Rimmel Brow Pencil in 'Hazel' - £2.99
Milani Colour Statement Lipstick in 'Rose Hip' - £3.69
Barry M Bold Liner in BWE5 - £3.99


Review: Revlon Color Stay Foundation.

Hey! Today I'm coming at you with a beauty review - to be specific, it's going to be on the highly coveted Revlon Color Stay Foundation! Although this product has been popular for a long time, it's only been for the past few weeks that I've actually decided to purchase it and fully give it a go. In this post, I'll share my thoughts and let you know how I got on with the product.

So, first things first this foundation is made specifically for certain skin types and it therefore has formula variations depending on the type of skin you have. Personally, I love this fact about the foundation and it's something I don't think I've ever seen before from any other brands. It's nice to know that you can use a product without having to worry about your skin type because they're already done that for you. The foundation comes in formulas for Normal to Dry Skin and Oily / Combination Skin.

Now, I originally purchase this product a few months ago but ignorant old me didn't actually check the formulation and I ended up getting the one for Oily / Combination skin types. As a girl with skin on the dry side, it's safe to say the foundation and I didn't really get along too well. Naturally, I felt it very drying and hated the way it looked on my skin. Finally, I paid attention this time and I recently purchase the one actually for my skin type. As you can imagine, the foundation for normal to dry skin has more of a dewy finish and vice versa for the oily to combo one. This is ideal for me because dewy foundations help to diminish signs of dryness on my face.

In terms of shade range, I do feel that you get a decent colour selection with varying undertones. I got my foundation in 'Buff' which I think is more or less a good match for my skin colour, if not perhaps a little more on the pale side - which I don't actually mind too much. The consistency of the foundation is surprisingly thinner than I expected because it's widely thought to be a fuller coverage foundation. This and the fact there is no pump on the bottle can make trying to get product out a little bit messy which can be kind of annoying but I suppose you can always just buy a pump (though I'd much rather Revlon just put them on). 

Coverage wise, I'm really impressed with this foundation. When my skin and I are not getting along, I tend to get a lot of redness and this foundation really helps with that. You can barely see any redness showing through so for that reason I'd think that this foundation would be good for anyone suffering with acne or rosacea or really any skin condition causing discolouration / redness. 

The foundation feels light and it blends like a dream on the skin. I'm left with a beautiful, glow and a lovely dewy finish to my skin which is exactly what I like to go for. I like to apply my foundation with a buffing brush which I feel really helps me achieve a more flawless finish and for those days where I don't want so much coverage, I'll go over this with a damp beauty sponge. The foundation is also very long wearing and is therefore ideal for longer days.

Overall, I don't really have a bad thing to say about this foundation. Ideally, I'd like it to come with a pump but this is definitely a factor I can overlook. For a drugstore foundation, it is on the pricer side but for me, I do think it's worth it and that you are indeed getting very good quality for your money. If you are looking for a nice, lightweight but full coverage foundation - I'd give this a go for sure. This is now my go to foundation and I can see it being a favourite of mine for quite a while.

You can purchase Revlon ColorStay foundation at your local Boots for £12.49.


How I Style: Dr Martens

Hey guys, in this post I want to start a brand new series of posts. I'm going to title it 'How I Style..' (original, I know) and within this series, I'll be showing you how I style a particular piece of clothing, an accessory or a pair of shoes.

I think it's always interesting to see how different people style an item of clothing - I like to see how they put their own spin on it and make it work in a look for them. With that in mind, I thought it would be a fun idea for me to share with you how I like to style certain things.

I'm using the Shopcade widget for these posts and it allows me to create my own lists full of products I want to categorise together. Through these lists and through the Shopcade site, you can purchase items from many well known brands and shops and if you like something you see on this post, simply click the image and it'll direct to it's page!

So - todays item is Dr Martens. I love Dr Martens and I currently own 3 pairs of the traditional style, 8 eyelet boots. I think they're so versatile and extremely comfortable to wear - they're amazing quality which means you can pretty much wear them for life. Here I'll be showing you 3 different outfits I'd usually wear with my Docs.

Outfit 1 - Vintage Girly

This outfit is on the griller side showing that a pair of Docs really can go with anything. This outfit pairs a simple polka dot dress, a cream jumper and a denim jacket. You can mix and match these last two items depending on the weather. Some gold accessories like a cute locket necklace would add that vintage feel.

Outfit 2 - Casual Grunge

This a more casual, laid back look - perfect for a long or busy day. I've teamed an oversized tartan shirt with a plain black cami and some ankle grazer skinny jeans. I like to roll up my jeans a little sometimes too when wearing my Docs. Team this look with a choker and tattoo style necklace and you get that cool, grunge feel.

Outfit 3 - Grunge Glam

This outfit shows you how I'd pair up my patterned Docs with a look but this outfit can really go with any pair you own. A plain dress red dress, denim jacket and grunge accessories make a really great look that I think is super versatile for both day and night. Team this with a matching red lip and you've got a great party look!

As always, thank you for reading this post - let me know what you thought of these looks!



Hey! Today I've got a beauty haul for you, it's definitely been a while right?

So, firstly I picked up quite a few lip products - I may have gone a little crazy... First up is a MAC lipstick in 'Creme Cup'. It's actually a beautiful nude colour and is so flattering on light skin tones - it's quite a tame colour for my but I really do like it.

Next I got one of the Too Faced Melted Liquid Lipsticks - I've been wanting to try these for ages so I finally gave in and purchased one in the colour 'Melted Violet'.

The last lip product I bought was a Lime Crime lipstick. Once again, this has been a brand I've been wanting to try for sometime - unfortunately, they're not too readily available. I finally got one of their lipsticks though and it was in the shade 'PoisonBerry'.

Moving on to face products now, I picked up the highly coveted Revlon Colorstay foundation in the shade 'Buff'. I do already have this foundation but it's the wrong skin type formulation - it gives me a matte finish and with skin that is more on the dry side, this isn't too great. I actually paid attention this time and picked up the normal / dry skin version and I've really been enjoying it!

I've never tried MAC concealers and I know they're often raved about. I've been on the look out for a new, good quality concealer and so I picked up their Pro-Longwear one in the shade 'NC20'. So far, I'm really enjoying this concealer but I'm not impressed with the darn pump on it. It's so hard to control so I always end up with too much - an annoying fact when this product is so pricey!

The final item(s) I picked up are technically Christmas gift items but hey, I wanted them okay? They are these really cute Benefit mini's that come with a free pink Christmas stocking. Even though they're mini sizes, £15 for all four of these items is actually a STEAL from a brand like Benefit. And, they're all products I've never tried before (apart from Benetint) so it's great to be able to try out some new products without spending loads.

That's it for my beauty haul - any products there that you've tried? Let me know what you think of them! Thanks for reading.

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OOTD: 02/10/14

Hey guys! Today I've got an outfit post for you. My posts have been a little sporadic lately - things have been busy at home as well as me starting my second year of University! I'll get back into the swing of things eventually though I'm sure and i'll be posting regularly again.

Boohoo Cardigan | £20.00
Newlook Blouse | £17.99

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