First Impressions: Urban Decay PULP FICTION Collection!

Hey guys! So, today I am pretty darn excited because I have just received my order from Debenhams containing items from the new Pulp Fiction collection from Urban Decay! This limited edition collection was released to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the cult movie Pulp Fiction and the products in the collection are meant to replicate the iconic look of it's female lead, Mia Wallace. It has been available in the US for around a month or two now I believe and it was released in the UK on September 1st.

I'm really not one to usually buy into the collections that a lot of makeup brands like to release - unless of course something really catches my eye. This was the case here and as a Tarantino fan, I really couldn't resist owning some pieces of this collection. To my delight, Mia Wallaces look is right up my street and I knew I'd definitely wear and get use out the products. The two things that of course grabbed me were the eyeshadow palette and the lipstick and these were what I purchased. The rest of the items in the collection seem to be kind of like add-on products and didn't really catch my attention. I also think they're easily replaceable by other similar items so I didn't feel the need to get them.

So, the palette has the 'PULP FICTION' logo on the front on top a shiny black background. The palette also has on the front of it the infamous Ezekiel passage voiced by Samuel. L. Jackson in the film - I love this addition as this is one of my favourite and most memorable scenes. Inside of the palette, you have a helpful step-by-step eyeshadow guide giving you a suggestion on how to use the shadows to achieve the Mia Wallace look. You also get a generously sized mirror and a cute, mini brush in a beautiful bright red colour.

The shadows themselves are really great, basic everyday colours and would be lovely used alone or with brighter shades. From right to left we have: Righteous - a light cream nude, Tyranny - a warm toned matte brown, Vengence - a deeper brown shadow with matte-satin finish, Furious - a white satin shade and finally, Anger which is a black satin with slight sparkle in it. From feeling the shadows, they are smooth and buttery and I can tell that much like my other UD shadows, they will blend nicely. They're also really beautifully pigmented and you definitely get a lot of colour payoff.

Onto the lipstick, the outer packing of the box is again black with the yellow logo and the inside is red with Jackons's speech running down the length of it in black. The shade of this lipstick is simply called 'Mrs Mia Wallace' and it is a gorgeous deep, blood red colour. The lipstick has a creamy finish and is very smooth and easy to swatch from first try. I can also see from swatching that it too is very pigmented.

I also love the actual lipstick packaging - it feels really well made and kind of has that 'expensive' look and feel to it which is a nice thing to have in a higher end lipstick. It's a jet black tube this time for the collection and I really love the sleek and stylish design.

So, overall I'm very impressed by this collection and the items that I specifically purchased. I absolutely love the idea for the collection as Mia Wallace is such an iconic character. Her edgy, grungey style is so popular right now so I think this is a really well timed released from Urban Decay. As well as that, I love the packaging of the products and of course the products themselves appear to be really nice quality and impressively pigmented. I'm excited to give these a full and proper try and I'll definitely be back with a review for each of them so stay tuned! 

I'd recommend the palette to you in particular if you've been eyeing up any of the Naked palettes. Particularly the Naked Basics palette as this is a slightly cheaper alternative though still with more or less the same shades. It is however limited edition as are all the products in the collection so make sure if you want them to get them soon - I got mine from Debenhams!

Thank you for reading this post, I hope you found it interesting and / or helpful! Let me know what you think of this collection below!

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