First Impressions: Crown Brushes.

Hey guys! Today I bring you a first impressions post on some makeup brushes that I recently bought. They are from Crown Brush and are brand whose products I've never previously tried. I've always heard quite a lot about them specifically on Youtube and so I thought I'd give their brushes a go. For the price range, I really couldn't resist.

I got 4 brushes in total and I tried to pick brushes with my needs in my mind. So I focused more on blending brushes and brow / eyeliner brushes as that is what my collection was lacking. The first thing I noticed about these brushes was that they have so many! There are variations upon variations of different brushes for different facial areas and I found that really impressive because it can help you to really find the 'perfect' brush for you. With both synthetic and bristle brushes in all shapes and sizes, there's really so much to choose from.

Secondly, they are so soft! Although there are other factors I think you can always get some sort of idea of a brushes quality from it's softness. Real Techniques for example are amazing quality brushes and they are so lovely to the touch and glide across the face. These too feel very similar to me, there's no scratchiness or discomfort when used - which is something I find with cheaper brushes. 

I've used them once so far and they do their job very well, there's no shedding and they evenly and cleanly apply product. Of course, I'll be sure to update you guys as I use the brushes more and come to clean them but so far, so good!

So - the brushes I got were:

SS021 Syntho Blending Fluff Brush

IB119 Deluxe Crease Brush:

C217 Bent Liner Brush:

SS025 Syntho Brow Duo Brush:

So far, I'm really impressed by these brushes and by Crown Brush in general. I really love the brushes I received and they do their job very well. All of their brushes are amazingly priced as well - it's incredibly good value for the quality you are receiving. I think i'll definitely be placing another order with this company soon to get some more makeup tools! If you haven't already, I'd recommend you check out this brand now!

Thank you for reading - have you checked out these brushes, what do you think?
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