Building Your Makeup Kit / Collection #2 - Concealer.

So, this is going to be the second instalment in my series on basic products to have in your starter makeup collection. This particular post is going to be all about concealer, let's get started shall we?

1. Formula:

As with foundation, concealer comes in various different formulas / variations - the most common being cream, liquid and stick concealers. My personal favourites are cream and liquid concealers as I generally tend to prefer the finish and look of them.

Stick or twist up concealers may be something you'd want to look into as they do allow for fairly easy spot application and they are lot less messy compare to other types. This makes them quite handy for on the go and you don't really require any tools for application.

L'oreal's Lumi Magique Concealer is an example of a
pen / stick concealer. This particular one is
very highlighting so is good for application
under the eyes and high points of the face.
Buy at Boots for £8.99
(Photo credit: Google Images)
A lot of liquid and cream concealers are easy to work with and this is another reason why I prefer them. They are easy enough to apply and blend nicely because of their formulas and they won't drag or pull at the skin as some stick concealers can. I think there's a better element of control with cream and liquid concealers as well because you can choose yourself exactly how much product you want to use. Generally they also tend to have better coverage which we'll get into in a second...

2. Coverage:

Coverage is something you'll want to think about when purchasing a concealer. You may want a variation of 1 or 2 concealers for different purposes. For instance, for any blemish or acne you may want something a little more high coverage to really conceal them. For minor redness and blemishes something of a light to medium coverage will work well.

Collection's Lasting Perfection Concealer is a cult makeup product
for many. It has a great coverage for a liquid concealer
and it's really affordable too. This makes a really
nice staple concealer for everyday.
Buy at Boots for £4.19

(Photo credit: Google Images)
I have generally found that cream concealers have the most buildable coverage so these are what I tend to use on spots and more intense blemishes. Liquid concealers are generally a lot lighter (though they can still be buildable and there are some high coverage liquid concealers) and these are nice to use under the eyes and in areas around the face for a brightening effect.

Benefit's Erase Paste is a really great cream concealer.
It has an amazing coverage which is easily buildable if
you feel you need more and covers blemishes and darkness
Buy at ASOS for £20.50

(Photo credit: Google Images)
3. Shade & Purpose

Recently, concealers of varying shades have really become popular in the makeup world. Different colours of concealer can help to more efficiently cancel out different kinds of discolouration in the skin - these are referred to as colour correcting concealers. For instance, green can help to cancel out redness and acne blemishes where as pink/peach tones are good for under eye bags and purple tones in the skin. 

Pixi's Correction Concentrate concealer is a peach toned concealer
that is great for cancelling out darkness around the eyes.
Buy at BeautyBay for £10.75

(Photo credit: Google Images)
As well as colour correcting concealers, choosing the colour of your 'normal' concealer is important too. Generaly, you'll want your concealer to be 1-2 shades lighter than you foundation / skin colour. This is because a lighter colour under commonly concealer places like the under eyes makes for a bright, highlighting effect which can really help to minimise the appear of darkness around the eyes and make you look healthier and more awake. 

*Applying this lighter colour concealer on the high points or your face like the bridge of your face and middle of the for heard can also help to give you that nice, bright glowy look*.
MUA's Pro-Base concealer palette is ideal for everyday use
it has 3 different shades for normal concealing as well highlighting.
This all helps to effectively conceal your face.
Buy on MUA's site for £3.50

(Photo credit: Google images)
Finally, you may want to opt for a shade of concealer that is more or less the same colour as your foundation. This comes in handy when tidying up makeup mistakes or simply to achieve a more polished look. It's great for defining your brow shape as well as tidying up eyeliner and eyeshadow.

So, that's pretty much everything I have to cover on the subject of concealer! Once again, I hope this post helped you and gave you some useful information. I also hope you're enjoying this series, thank you very much for reading!

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