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I have an outfit post on the blog today. I've decided to change around the format a little bit, though I think will be alternating between this style and my original one. Let me know what you think of it!

Forever21 Jeans | £18.00
Miss Selfridge Crop Top (Similar alternative) | £7.00
Black Dainty Converse | £33.60 (USC)
Paramore Locket | £25.00
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Review: Milani Colour Statement Lipstick in Violet Volt.

Hey! Today I bring you a beauty review on a Milani Colour Statement lipstick. Milani is a brand that is very popular in America but is not readily available nor sold in other countries like the UK where I am. 
However, I have found that Amazon UK do sell some Milani products including these lipsticks and that's where I got mine from if you're interested!

The Colour Statement range features lipsticks of varying shades and finishes and Violet Volt is a beautiful, blue-toned purple shade. On first glance, you can see that the lipstick has this shiny, gold packaging. Although I don't think it's all that bad, it does hold finger prints and smudges and that really kind of annoys me. (Of course, it's really not a major issue but I just like to be a little picky!) One thing I do like about the packaging though is that the you can see the shade of lipstick on the bottom which always makes finding lipsticks so much easier and oh, how I wish all brands did the same...

This lipstick and the whole range have a subtle watermelon scent to them. I find this really unique and very pleasant as I personally love the smell of watermelon. Even if you're not particularly keen on the scent, it's not overpowering so I doubt it'll put you off from using it. 

Upon application, I found the product to be smooth on the lips and extremely pigmented. In one application you can practically get an opaque coverage which I'm very impressed by. Milani is a drugstore brand and it's on the lower end of the price scale at that so the pigmentation is really impressive. 

There's no tugging on the lip and the the product just glides on, leaving the lips feeling hydrated and smooth. The finish of the product is a purple frost and although it's not something I'd usually go for, I actually really like this finish and I don't find it to be overly frosty or shimmery like some. 

As I said before, the lipstick is very pigmented and it's actually a more or less dead-on dupe for MAC's Violetta - one of their popular purple shades. It definitely lasts and applies like a higher end lipstick to so I would definitely choose this shade over Violetta - especially for the price! It's also reasonably close to other MAC purple shades so I'd definitely suggest you try and get your hands on this colour if you've been interested in those too.

Overall, I don't think I can really say anything bad about this product. I love the smell, the colour is bright and beautiful and it applies and feels really nice on the lips. I love bright and colourful lipsticks and the Colour Statement has them in abundance so I think I'll definitely be buying some more. If you want to try a new lipstick brand and you can find Milani in store or online somewhere, I'd definitely recommend that you give this product a go - I don't think you'll be disappointed.

You can purchase this lipstick from Amazon UK here.

Thank you for reading this review, I hope it was helpful! Have you tried Milani lipsticks, do you have any recommendations? 


Building Your Makeup Kit / Collection #3 - Blusher

Hey guys! This is going to be the 3rd instalment in my series on starting / building up your makeup collection. This time the subject is blush! I'm going to talk about different formulations and the different shades to suit your skin tone. Let's get started...

1. Formulation:

So, there are varying types of blush from powder, to liquid to cream and gel. It's best to give them all a try to find the one that suits you best or the one you find easier to work with.

I'd say powder and cream are the most popular types of blush with powder arguably being the most common. Powder blushers are easily applied and very buildable. They are particularly good for those of us with oily skin or those of us who want a good, long lasting colour.

MUA Blushes are super pigmented and retail at
just £1, the colour range is decent as well so they
make great starter blushes.
Buy at Superdrug for £1

(Photo credit: Google Images)
Cream blushers are often more instantly pigmented than powders and therefore should be use sparingly. You'll need to blend them well for a even Finish but it often give you more of a natural look.

Topshop make some really nice cream blushes
which are popular in the beauty community. This
particular shade is called Flush.
Buy at Topshop for £7.00

(Photo credit: Google Images)
Gel and liquid blushers are generally considered great for normal to oily skin because there are often oil free and water resistant making them long lasting too. They are also however fast drying meaning you'll need to work fast when blending them onto the skin. As with cream blushers, they will provide you with a soft flush of colour.

Benefit's Benetint is a popuar liquid cheek and lip stain.
It gives a beautiful and natural flush of colour to
the cheeks and lips!
Buy at Boots for £24.50

(Photo credit: Google Images)
If you're starting off, you can't go wrong with a good powder blush and then you can easily try other formulations and types from there!

** Your skin type is also something to consider when choosing formulation, similarly to what we discussed in my foundation post. For example, you may find cream or liquid blushers work better for you if you have dry skin whilst powder might be great if you have oily skin. Try them out and give them a go and you'll eventually find what works for you. **

2. Skin Tone:

Of course, perhaps the most important factor to consider when buying blusher if your skin tone. Pinks, plums, reds, corals and oranges are the main colours of blush you'd usually purchase. Within these colour categories there are certain shades that will suit a particular skin tone more so than others. A flattering shade of blusher can do wonders for a makeup look and can help to make you look younger - yes, younger!

Fair Skin -

Baby pink blushes are great for those of you with fair skin. This is because it's going to super natural on your skin tone and give you that subtle flush of colour. Peach is also a really lovely shade for fair skinned ladies - and anyone else, actually. Peach is a shade worn by pretty much anyone and it's flattering on us all.
NARS Orgasm is a beautiful peach blush loved
by many. It's perfect for fair skin.
Buy at LookFantastic for £21.50

(Photo credit - Google Images)

Medium Skin -

Blushers in apricot shades are great because they have that warmth that medium skin already has but it's still subtle enough for a natural addition of colour. On medium skin, this shade is soft and fresh. Mauve and berry shades are also really beautiful on medium skin tones, they're great for adding a little bit of an intense colour to the cheeks for that extra edge.
MAC's PeachTwist is a beautiful shade that is
very flattering on medium skin.
 Buy at MAC for £18.00

(Photo Credit - Google Images)
Olive Skin -
If you have more of an olive skin tone, a peach with more orange in it is great for you. This is because the warm tones of this shade of blush will really help to make the skin look glowy. Rose is the perfect shade of pink for you girls will olive skin, it's not too intense but it's still a strong enough colour to give you a beautiful and natural flush.

Life's a Peach from Sleek is a beautiul warm
shade that will look great on olive skin tones.
Buy at Superdrug for £4.49

(Photo credit - Google Images)
Dark Skin -

Though to someone with fairer skin a deep purple would be rather scary, darker skinned girls can really pull off this colour. Those of who with dark skin don't have to afraid of intense pigment because your skin can really hold it up - you really want to go for the bold shades to get a really nice amount of colour payoff. A fiery orangey-red is also perfect for dark skin, though it may seems extremely intense, once again the stronger the colour the better. This shade is going to give you a true and actually rather natural flush of colour.

MAC's Frankly Scarlet is a deep, rich red
full of pigment that is really going to give a great
colour payoff on darker skin tones.
Buy at MAC for £18.00

(Photo credit - Google Images)
And there you have all you really need to know on choosing the right blush for you. The right shade can truly change your whole look and just a little of it can make you look so much more awake, so much more fresh and yes, even younger! There are so many shades of blush out there and my best advice would be to give any that catch you eye ago and not to be afraid of bright colours!

As always, I hope this post was helpful and interesting and thank you for reading!


Review: L'oreal Nude Magique Blur Cream

Hi! Today I've got a review for you on L'oreal's Nude Magique Blur Cream. On the L'oreal site, the product is described as 'a lightweight balm, instantly blurring away away pores and fine lines for beautiful nude looking skin'. Interesting, right? After trying this product for a weeks now, I thought I'd share my views...

The product itself is quite thick in consistency and on first look appears to have some pigment to it as it a skin tone colour. The Blur Cream comes in two colour variations; Light to Medium and Medium to Dark. With shade options like this, I was unsurprised to find that the product doesn't really offer any pigmentation or coverage once applied to the skin. 

Due to this fact, I wouldn't say there was therefore any major difference to the appearance of blemishes or redness on my skin which slightly disappointed me as I did hope for a little coverage from this product. I did however feel that my discolouration did look a little more subdued and not so obvious which I think would be the 'blurring' affect the product describes.  

My skin also felt quite soft and smooth after application - it had that kind of feel that silicone primers give the skin. In terms of pores and fine lines, I did feel that they were slightly less obvious but I definitely wasn't blown away. After using this product, I applied my makeup as usual and found that this made a really nice base for foundation, giving a smooth and flawless finish to the face and helping to even out application. You do need to use more than other similar products but you do get quite a bit in the tube and this may just be because the product is thicker. 

Overall, I do like this product but not really for the reasons the L'Oreal wants me to. Though it has not been directly advertised as one, I think this makes a really great primer and this is how I have been using it for the past few weeks and I feel that it's very effective. As a 'blur cream' however, I'm not really convinced and if this is what you were looking for only, I don't think I'd recommend this. If however you are looking for a good new primer, I'd definitely tell you to give this a go.

Thank you for reading this review! Have you tried L'oreals Nude Magique Blur Cream? What did you think of it?

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OOTD: 23/08/14

Levi's Jacket (Vintage, alternative) | £50
ASOS Spot Print Dress (Currently on sale!) | £11.00
Dr Martens | £100.00
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First Impressions: Crown Brushes.

Hey guys! Today I bring you a first impressions post on some makeup brushes that I recently bought. They are from Crown Brush and are brand whose products I've never previously tried. I've always heard quite a lot about them specifically on Youtube and so I thought I'd give their brushes a go. For the price range, I really couldn't resist.

I got 4 brushes in total and I tried to pick brushes with my needs in my mind. So I focused more on blending brushes and brow / eyeliner brushes as that is what my collection was lacking. The first thing I noticed about these brushes was that they have so many! There are variations upon variations of different brushes for different facial areas and I found that really impressive because it can help you to really find the 'perfect' brush for you. With both synthetic and bristle brushes in all shapes and sizes, there's really so much to choose from.

Secondly, they are so soft! Although there are other factors I think you can always get some sort of idea of a brushes quality from it's softness. Real Techniques for example are amazing quality brushes and they are so lovely to the touch and glide across the face. These too feel very similar to me, there's no scratchiness or discomfort when used - which is something I find with cheaper brushes. 

I've used them once so far and they do their job very well, there's no shedding and they evenly and cleanly apply product. Of course, I'll be sure to update you guys as I use the brushes more and come to clean them but so far, so good!

So - the brushes I got were:

SS021 Syntho Blending Fluff Brush

IB119 Deluxe Crease Brush:

C217 Bent Liner Brush:

SS025 Syntho Brow Duo Brush:

So far, I'm really impressed by these brushes and by Crown Brush in general. I really love the brushes I received and they do their job very well. All of their brushes are amazingly priced as well - it's incredibly good value for the quality you are receiving. I think i'll definitely be placing another order with this company soon to get some more makeup tools! If you haven't already, I'd recommend you check out this brand now!

Thank you for reading - have you checked out these brushes, what do you think?
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REVIEW: MAC Heroine Lipstick.

I'm a big fan of lipsticks, especially bright ones. I don't really know what it is about them but I've always longed for a collection of MAC lipsticks. I suppose it's because for a long time MAC was always the most popular brand for them. Not too long along ago anyway, I began my collection with Russian Red, a beautiful classic red shade that I knew I'd get a lot of wear out of. Next off, I got Heroine - and this is what I'll be reviewing today.

Heroine was originally released as part of one of MAC's themed collections but is now an official permanent shade in their lipstick range. It's a bright and intense purple shade with pinky red undertones. I think the shade is truly beautiful and one that I feel will be instantly recognisable.

The coverage of this lipstick is very impressive and you can pretty much get full coverage with one simple swipe all over the lips.  It is a matte finish but it's not drying which I absolutely love - I wouldn't say it's moisturising either but it does have a creamy feel and look on the lips. The formula glides onto the lips without any tugging or pulling and I have found that this lipstick wears really nicely throughout the day for a good 4-6 hours. When it does fade, it's to a kind of pinky red stain so you do still have some pigment on your lips which is nice.

It is of course being a MAC lipstick, attached with a fairly steep price of £15.50. From what I've seen so far though, these lipsticks are seriously good quality and if you find a colour you love enough and would definitely get wear out of, I do think it's worth it. The colour payoff is so rich and intense and it barely requires any building unless you want a deeper colour. I know myself that I'll get plenty of wear out of this shade because I absolutely adore purple lipsticks. The problem is though, is that purple lipsticks are hard to find - good ones anyway. So, this for me is perfect: it's bright, brilliant quality and matte without that horrible dry look. 

I'd definitely repurchase this when I run out and if you're looking for something like this yourself, I'd recommend you give it a go - I don't think you'll be disappointed!

What do you think of this shade and what are your favourite MAC lipsticks? Do you know of a dupe for this colour? I'd love to hear from you!

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Face of the Day #5!

Hey! I'm back today with a face of the day post. This look was a smokey eye with cat flick liner and a deep, purple lip!

Products Used:

MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC20 | £21.50
Benefit Erase Paste in Light | £20.50
Maybelline Great Lash in Very Black | £4.99
Anastasia Beverley Hills Dip Brow in Chocolate | £15.00
Revlon Colourburst Matte Balm in Shameless | £7.99

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Building Your Makeup Kit / Collection #2 - Concealer.

So, this is going to be the second instalment in my series on basic products to have in your starter makeup collection. This particular post is going to be all about concealer, let's get started shall we?

1. Formula:

As with foundation, concealer comes in various different formulas / variations - the most common being cream, liquid and stick concealers. My personal favourites are cream and liquid concealers as I generally tend to prefer the finish and look of them.

Stick or twist up concealers may be something you'd want to look into as they do allow for fairly easy spot application and they are lot less messy compare to other types. This makes them quite handy for on the go and you don't really require any tools for application.

L'oreal's Lumi Magique Concealer is an example of a
pen / stick concealer. This particular one is
very highlighting so is good for application
under the eyes and high points of the face.
Buy at Boots for £8.99
(Photo credit: Google Images)
A lot of liquid and cream concealers are easy to work with and this is another reason why I prefer them. They are easy enough to apply and blend nicely because of their formulas and they won't drag or pull at the skin as some stick concealers can. I think there's a better element of control with cream and liquid concealers as well because you can choose yourself exactly how much product you want to use. Generally they also tend to have better coverage which we'll get into in a second...

2. Coverage:

Coverage is something you'll want to think about when purchasing a concealer. You may want a variation of 1 or 2 concealers for different purposes. For instance, for any blemish or acne you may want something a little more high coverage to really conceal them. For minor redness and blemishes something of a light to medium coverage will work well.

Collection's Lasting Perfection Concealer is a cult makeup product
for many. It has a great coverage for a liquid concealer
and it's really affordable too. This makes a really
nice staple concealer for everyday.
Buy at Boots for £4.19

(Photo credit: Google Images)
I have generally found that cream concealers have the most buildable coverage so these are what I tend to use on spots and more intense blemishes. Liquid concealers are generally a lot lighter (though they can still be buildable and there are some high coverage liquid concealers) and these are nice to use under the eyes and in areas around the face for a brightening effect.

Benefit's Erase Paste is a really great cream concealer.
It has an amazing coverage which is easily buildable if
you feel you need more and covers blemishes and darkness
Buy at ASOS for £20.50

(Photo credit: Google Images)
3. Shade & Purpose

Recently, concealers of varying shades have really become popular in the makeup world. Different colours of concealer can help to more efficiently cancel out different kinds of discolouration in the skin - these are referred to as colour correcting concealers. For instance, green can help to cancel out redness and acne blemishes where as pink/peach tones are good for under eye bags and purple tones in the skin. 

Pixi's Correction Concentrate concealer is a peach toned concealer
that is great for cancelling out darkness around the eyes.
Buy at BeautyBay for £10.75

(Photo credit: Google Images)
As well as colour correcting concealers, choosing the colour of your 'normal' concealer is important too. Generaly, you'll want your concealer to be 1-2 shades lighter than you foundation / skin colour. This is because a lighter colour under commonly concealer places like the under eyes makes for a bright, highlighting effect which can really help to minimise the appear of darkness around the eyes and make you look healthier and more awake. 

*Applying this lighter colour concealer on the high points or your face like the bridge of your face and middle of the for heard can also help to give you that nice, bright glowy look*.
MUA's Pro-Base concealer palette is ideal for everyday use
it has 3 different shades for normal concealing as well highlighting.
This all helps to effectively conceal your face.
Buy on MUA's site for £3.50

(Photo credit: Google images)
Finally, you may want to opt for a shade of concealer that is more or less the same colour as your foundation. This comes in handy when tidying up makeup mistakes or simply to achieve a more polished look. It's great for defining your brow shape as well as tidying up eyeliner and eyeshadow.

So, that's pretty much everything I have to cover on the subject of concealer! Once again, I hope this post helped you and gave you some useful information. I also hope you're enjoying this series, thank you very much for reading!


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Primark Parka Jacket (Unavailable, similar alternative) | £38.00
Newlook White Top (Unavailable, similar alternative) | £9.99
Dr Martens | £100
ASOS Scallop Bag | £10.00

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