REVIEW: Benefit's Hoola Bronzer.

Hey! I've got another review for you all on the blog today and this time it's on Benefit's Hoola Bronzing Powder. This is something I'm pretty sure everyone's heard of because it's constantly raved about... 
Contouring was never something I was really interested in when I first started using makeup, I didn't really understand or see the need of it. However, eventually I became more interested in the process of highlighting and contouring and I realised just what a difference it can make even with the smallest bit of product...

As that interest grew and contouring became an official element in my makeup routine, Hoola was a product that stood out as it was really the only bronzer I'd ever heard such a big praise about. Finally I got it and after having it for a good few months, I have to say I do really like and enjoy using it.

One thing I'm not a fan of though is the packaging, being a higher end product I would have liked something that was perhaps more sturdy and felt a little bit more luxurious. Although mine isn't there yet because the box is made of cardboard, I've seen how worn down the packaging can get and it can end up looking really unattractive. Though it's not the end of the world, for a more expensive product I think it's justified to want better quality packaging to actually protect what is inside. That said, the concept of the packaging is quite cute and I like the way it opens I just wish it were made of something stronger. You do also get a brush with the product but as with most others, I never really use the brushes and prefer to use my own. It's a good addition for travel though and it will get the job done!

The bronzer itself is a soft, mid brown colour with a matte finish on the skin. It's very fine and light enough that it still looks natural on lighter skin tones but build-able for a deeper colour on those with a tan or darker skin. The fact that it looks so natural is one of the things I really enjoy about Hoola because often bronzers can look very harsh and muddy on those of us who have paler skin. This however has just the right amount of pigment and is the perfect shade to achieve a defined yet natural look.

The colour itself is nicely pigmented and really gives you that subtle contoured look as I said before. One of the things I like about the bronzer in particular is that it has multiple uses because it makes a really nice eyeshadow shade, too. It's a great crease colour or even an all over lid colour for a quick and easy look. The bronze blends nicely and it wears very well throughout the day.

There's not a whole lot of product in my opinion despite the box having quite a depth to it. To be honest, the box did kind of make me think I'd get more than I actually did. Despite this, a little bit of it does go fairly far and so I think that makes up for it. It is still on the pricier side at £23.50 which I think is quite a lot for a bronzer - an element that in a rush I would probably end up skipping. However, I do think that this really is a quality product and you can truly see that in the finish and look that the bronzer gives you when applied to the skin. Whether it's worth £23.50 I think is a matter of opinion - yes for those of us who enjoy contouring but perhaps not for someone who is just discovering it or maybe doesn't feel the need to. (If you're looking for a good bronzer to start off with, MUA do a really good one that comes in various shades. I use shade 1 and I really like it).

Overall though, this is a really nice product and I can definitely see why it is raved about. It's multi-purpose and it's build-able for that really natural or really defined look. You can get Benefit's Hoola Bronzer online or from Boots as well as in Department stores such as Debenhams and John Lewis. I got mine from ASOS.

Thank you for reading this review - I hope you found it helpful! Have you tried Hoola? What is your favourite bronzer? Let me know!

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