REVIEW: The Balm 'Mary-Lou Manizer' Highlighting Powder.

Hi! I'm writing another review today and this time it's going to be on TheBalm's Mary-Lou Manizer. This product has been ranted and raved about for quite a while and I've been wanting to try it for just as long. I finally got it and after playing around with it, I thought I'd share my opinions with you all.

First of all, I love The Balm's packaging and product names! I am a huge fan of all things retro and vintage and so I love the packaging of this product with the pin-up girl on the front as well as it's name. The container of the product itself is also really nice and sturdy though I've been struggling to get it open properly but I don't know if that's just me doing it wrong (probably). There's also a handy compact mirror on the lid which is always good to have.

The Balm describe this product as a multi-use product that provides the skin with a softer and more youthful appearing skin look whilst adding a subtle glow. The product itself is this beautiful, shimmery champagne colour and I can definitely see how it would be lovely to use as an eyeshadow as well. It's a little more on the yellow side for a champagne colour but nonetheless it's very pretty.

The product feels soft and buttery to the touch and it is extremely pigmented so you really don't need a lot when using this. It gives a beautiful, natural glow to the skin without it being too obvious or overwhelming to look at. There are many highlighters out there with various different shades on offer but I think pink and champagne tones look the best on my fair skin, though of course it would be nice on any other skin tone.

As I said, this product is super pigmented and so I'd suggest working slowly with it because of this fact. As described, it has multiple uses and can also be used for a brow or inner corner highlight. You get a nice amount of product as well but it does still have a higher end price tag.

Despite this, I still think it is more than worth the money. It's going to go such a long way because it is so strongly pigmented and it's a good few products in one which is a great way to justify it's price. Just by the feel you can tell it's amazing quality, it blends effortlessly and feels so smooth and soft to the touch - something you often don't find it cheaper highlighters. It's still a good £7.00 pound cheaper than a MAC MSF though so it's definitely not the most expensive highlighter on the market. 

I would strongly recommend this product, whether you are new to highlighters or haven't found your holy grail one yet - this could the one! There are a multitude of online places you can purchase this product, though as far as I know nowhere in the UK sells it in store. I got mine via ASOS and it was £16.00.

Have you tried the Mary-Lou Manizer, what do you think? What are your recommended highlighters? Let me know!

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