My Current Shoe Obsession: Dr Martens.

Like most people, I go through phases of really enjoying a particular item. I have lots of these little 'obsessions' some of which have stayed with me for a long time and probably always will. One of my most prominent obsessions right now are Dr Martens. 

In particular, I love the classic 1460 Eyelet Boot style - I think it's one that makes the brand instantly recognisable. Dr Martens are a shoe that you can automatically spot and it's iconic, too. I love how a pair of them can instantly give even the girliest of looks that little edge. As of today, I have two pairs of Docs and I'm slowly working up my collection and currently lusting over quite a few pairs too! 

The first pair I ever got was a black printed pair of the 1460 boots in the print 'Victorian Flowers'. I saw them whilst doing a spot of window shopping and I fell in love with them. I was lucky enough to then get them as a Christmas present and I'm so happy I did. They have this really beautiful vintage floral pattern on them and where released as part of the Autumn-Winter collection a few years ago. I adore all things vintage and retro and this print really sold it for me. 

Though they are the classic style of boot, they are made out of a canvas upper as a opposed to the traditional leather. The canvas and boots itself though is extremely strong and durable - it's nothing like the canvas of a pair of Converse for example. Other than this, nothing really is any different in this boot other than colours - the classic yellow stitching and 'Air Wair' tag is replaced with pink to match the overall print.

Recently, I got my second pair of Dr Martens and they were a gift for my birthday. After getting such a jazzy pair, I began looking at the original 'classic' Docs and my interest in them grew. The black 1460 Eyelet boots are pretty much THE iconic Dr Martens and I didn't think my collection could be without them. I know I can pretty much wear them with anything and they're going to be so great in the colder months. 

So, these are the original, classic black 1460 boot, with the air cushioned sole, yellow stitching and they also come with the yellow laces as well. They have a polished leather finish which I really like the look of and I think they'll look even nicer once they're worn in a bit.

One of the most well known facts about Dr Martens is that they are quite tricky to wear in. I've definitely learnt that from my floral canvas pair. My canvas pair hurt my feet particularly where the tongue is attached on top of my foot - that area is so stiff and strongly stitched.. However, everyone knows it takes patience to wear in a pair of Docs and eventually they'll be the comfiest shoes ever, promise! It's just because they're so well made and durable that it takes some time to break them in - there are Dr Martens socks you can wear and different tips and tricks to make the process a little easier such as stuffing the shoe with newspaper to stretch them out of a period of a week or so. 

If you're looking into buying a pair and maybe don't know where to start or what kind of outfits they'd go with, I'm made a little look list using the Shopcade app and you can check it out down below! You can even buy the picks if they take your fancy through the Shopcade website.

Thank you for reading what was basically a rant about my growing love for Dr Martens! I hope that maybe you still got something from this even if it is just that I'm a little crazy about shoes... What are your thoughts on Dr Martens? And what shoes have you got your eye on right now? Let me know!
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