REVIEW: The Urban Decay Electric Palette.

Hey! Today I've got a review for you on the Urban Decay Electric Palette. As a fan of bright and bold colours, this was something I really wanted to get my hands on.

This is a pressed pigment palette containing 10 super bright and bold shades - 8 of which are completely new. There is a range of matte to shimmery finishes offered in this palette, let's take a closer look at the colours we have...

Revolt - a bright metallic silver shimmer with silver glitter.
Gonzo - a bright matte turquoise.
Slowburn - a red / orange shade shot through with pearl finish.
Savage - a hot pink with a matte finish.
Fringe - a metallic teal.

Chaos - an electric blue with a matte finish
Jilted - a metallic fuchsia with a blue shift.
Urban - a bright metallic purple.
Freak - a bright green with a gold shift.
Thrash - a super bright lime green with gold pearl.

One of the main things I love about the palette is the packaging. Matching the super bright colours you find within, the palette has a gorgeous design with this sort of colour explosion on the front of it. It's also nice and sturdy without being too chunky - this makes it good for storage and / or travel.  The brush you get with it is also surprisingly good quality - this isn't something that is usually the case with brushes that come with makeup palettes. This one however not only looks good with the contrasting blue and black but it's double ended making it multipurpose - it's great for packing on colour and the smaller ended side is good for detail.

The eyeshadows are all impressively pigmented and I've swatched them for you without any base or primer to really show that. Although I'd always recommend a base for eyeshadow application, these ones are definitely great on their own so they won't need a white base like a lot of brighter colours do. There's little to no fall out in any of these colours (except for a slight bit from Slowburn) from my own experience and just like my other UD shadows, they are velvety and smooth. They blend really nicely and are extremely build-able if you really want an intense colour. My personal favourites are Jilted, Urban and Thrash because I'm a sucker for anything purple and Thrash is just amazingly pigmented and looks great on the eye. 

A lot of you may be wondering how practical this palette really is and I think that's the reason a lot of people are kind of iffy about. For me personally, I love experimenting with colour and would happily wear a bold look any day of the week but of course that isn't for everybody. 

But for those of us who prefer a more natural look, I can see why this perhaps wouldn't be a good purchase so you may want to opt for one of the Naked palettes (which I also love) if you're looking for a great neutral palette. However, if you think about it - all of us makeup lovers will at one point want to play with colour and a really nice pigmented bright eyeshadow can sometimes be expensive to buy individually or simply just hard to find. If you bare that in mind, this palette is actually a good investment because you have all the colours you could want if ever you feel like rocking a bold look without having to pay for individual colours which will prove a lot more expensive.

Even if you don't want to wear a super bright look, think of this palette as a 'pop of colour' palette - perhaps adding some pink into the inner eye or some electric blue on the waterline? I really think the quality of this palette justifies the price and if anything I would of assumed it would have been more expensive, I was pleasantly suprised to see it was on a pound more expensive than the Naked Palettes. There, I really think The Electric Palette is worth a go - especially if you are a fan of colour!

You can purchase The Urban Decay Electric Palette from one of your local department stores here in the UK, I got mine from Debenhams.

I hope you enjoyed this review and found it helpful, what are your thoughts on this palette? Let me know!

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