Finding Your Personal Style: Wardrobe Basics!

Finding your personal style is an ever changing and evolving process. I don't really think I myself have a particular type of style as such or one 'trend' that defines how I dress. I do however dress the way I want to and I style things my way and I think that's what 'personal style' really means - it's for you, it's personal. When it comes to fashion, I think what's most important is not feeling pressured by trends and what everyone else seems to wearing - if you want to, by all means take inspiration from that but never feel like you have to like something if you don't.

Fashion has no rules and you don't always have to look or dress a specific way all the time if that's not what you're into or makes you feel happy and comfortable. Whatever your fashion sense and whatever statement or expression you want to make, make it for yourself and enjoy it!

With all that in mind, I do think it's aways good to start somewhere especially if you're in the process of renewing your wardrobe or just don't know where to begin. So, I'd thought I'd list my own personal recommendations for good staple items of clothing and footwear to have in your wardrobe - items that I think are a good basis for your own style to blossom from. These of course are just suggestions so feel free to give or take here and there. Like I said, there are no rules!

I've also created an interactive list for you guys with various examples of the different items I mention in this post. You can actually view and purchase these items if you like them! I made this through the Shopcade website which is a personal shopping application host to loads of different well known shops and brands. You can use the site (and the Shopcade app) to search for all sorts of different things like clothes, accessories and beauty items AND you can make your own list just like the ones I have made on this post. You should definitely check out Shopcade if you haven't already - it makes online shopping fun and a lot easier.

Anyway, onto my recommendations...


  • Denim Jeans: Jeans are a staple item that I think can truly work well in anyones wardrobe. They go with anything and can be easily dressed up or down. For those of you who don't like conventional jeans or find them uncomfortable, you can opt for jeggings - a mixture of jeans and leggings for that added comfort. Denim jeans come in a whole range of sizes and styles so there's bound to be a perfect pair out there for you. I'd recommended having these basic colours in your jean collection: light blue, mid blue and black. These three colours will go with pretty much anything and from there you can experiment a little and try different colours and prints!
  • Cami Tops: Cami's are a great basic piece to have in your closet. You can layer them, wear them alone, and wear them with a multitude of different bottoms and accessories. Black, white, grey and striped cami's are always good to start off with as they are colours and prints that go with near enough everything. Of course though, don't be afraid to get some other colours and prints - whatever you think looks good!
  • Leggings: A pair of black leggings is probably one of my highest recommendations for any womens closet. Mostly because they are so comfortable and can easily be dressed up for days where you want to feel cosy but still want to look like you've made an extra effort! Leggings right now also come in a multitude of different colours and prints so there's lots of choice.
  • A White Blouse: This is a great piece because it can be incorporated into both a formal work and everyday wardrobe. It's a timeless piece that can be the basis for a really stylish outfit by accessorising. It's a piece that you can also really strip down and pair with simple, minimal items.
  • A skirt: Always a good item to own. With various different styles and cuts available, a skirt is so versatile and is ideal for literally any occasion. My favourite style of skirt is the skater and I think a black skater is probably one of my most worn pieces. Again, you can experiment with different colours and prints - the best bit is that you can wear a skirt in any season by just opting for tights when it gets a little bit colder!
  • The Little Black Dress: The black dress is a piece that is simply timeless and will you sort you out for nearly any occasion with the right accessories. From there, don't be afraid to pick out some more dresses that take your fancy - it's important that you enjoy your style and have fun with it! Oh, and it doesn't have to be ''little' either - wear whatever fit and style that you think is most flattering on your body shape.
  • A Winter Coat: Yeah, this is probably an obvious one but it's still a definite basic item to have! A winter coat is of course going to keep your warm on those colder days which if you live in England like me, is every other day... I'd suggest firstly getting a colour that'll go with every kind of outfit: a navy blue or a black perhaps.
  • A Lightweight Coat / Jacket: Always handy to have when it's not exactly cold but it's not majorly warm either. I'm more or less always cold through any type of weather so I always like to have a lightweight jacket with me to throw over more of a summery outfit if I need to. My favourite style is the parka jacket or the classic denim jacket!


  • Ballet Pumps: Ballet pumps are comfortable and come in various different styles and colours. Any woman can walk in them (unlike with high heels - now that's a skill) and they can go with anything. They can add that girly touch to an outfit or simply that more casual, laid back touch. Colours like black, a nude and tan are colours I'd recommend to start with and from there you can choose any colour you'd like.
  • A Pair of Trainers / Plimsolls: Some may think that trainers or plimsolls aren't really feminine but I definitely have to disagree. I think they can really add something to any outfit - girly, going out or just casual. A good pair of Converse is one of my favourite go-to items of footwear because they are stylish, comfortable and go with pretty much anything!
  • Black Heels: I'm not the biggest fan of heels. Not high heels anyway, I just can't walk in them and I don't find them comfortable. Luckily, there are all sorts of different styles and heel sizes that black heels come in and so they are a great staple piece for an outfit. A nice pair of nude heels are also a good staple to have and a really bright pair will add a nice pop of colour to an otherwise plain outfit.
  • Ankle Boots: These are a particularly good item of footwear for the colder months. They will keep your feet nice and dry and not to mention warm and cosy. They can be worn in a variety of different looks too. They can be heeled or flat based on your preference and I find that black and tan are my go-to colours that pretty much go with any outfit.

I think that pretty much covers everything! I really hoped this helped anyone out there that maybe wanted a bit of guidance on personal style and where to begin. Creating a wardrobe and finding yourself style wise can actually be quite daunting and I know for one that mine is always changing and adapting. Let the people and the world around you inspire you and never be afraid to express yourself. Most of all, be confident in what you're wearing and feel good!

Thank you for reading!

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