SKINCARE: My Favourite Products / Brands for Sensitive Skin - PART 2:

Hey guys! So, this is going to be the follow up post to my previous one on skincare products for sensitive skin. In my last post, I looked at facial skincare and now I'm going to be talking about products for the rest of the body! Let's jump right in...


I'd never tried any Aveeno products up until recently but I'd heard great things about the brand and what it can do for people with eczema. I decided to give it a go and I picked up the Daily Moisturising Body Lotion. Aveeno products are enriched with natural oatmeal and rich emollients and this helps to keep the skin feeling moisturised throughout the day. It nourishes and really helps to tackle the problem that is dry skin. The formula of this particular product is quite thin and so it means that a little bit goes a long way and I personally have found it makes a noticeable difference in helping to dispel dryness.


I've always loved anything with cocoa butter and Palmers is a brand I've enjoyed for years. The product I've been using at the moment is the Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E (both the fragranced and un-fragranced versions) and I really like it. The formula is rich and thick and it sinks into the skin making it feel so soft. As well as this, Palmers is known as a brand for it's products helping to fade imprecations on the skin such as stretch marks and scars.

Coconut Oil:

I'm always down for trying any natural remedies and organic coconut oil is one of my favourite discoveries. Coconut oil has many qualities that make it an ideal product for the skin (and hair). It's extremely moisturising and anti-bacterial too - which means its great on any cuts, sores or even acne because of it's healing properties. Not only this, because of the fact that it comes in a solid form and melts into an oil when heated, it goes a very long way - a pot of this stuff will last you for a good while. I would stress though (especially if you have sensitive skin) to make sure you buy organic coconut oil only as opposed to the regular stuff so you can be confident in knowing that no nasty pesticides or chemicals will be applied to your skin along with it. I wrote an in-depth post on the benefit of coconut oil which you can check out here. Also, if you don't know where to get coconut oil from, you can purchase it from your local Supermarket or Holland & Barrett - the particular one I use  can be purchased here.


One of the more specific brands targeted at those with atopic skin conditions and dry skin is Oilatum. I'm a big fan of this brand because all of the products I have tried from them are just so gentle and soothing to my skin - especially if I have just had a flare up. 

The Oilatum Cream is an emollient and so it soothes and softens the skin. It helps to relieve itching and causes absolutely no irritation to the skin. It's also fragrance free and it suitable for both adults and children. It's a definitely recommendation from me to soothe the affects of dry and sensitive skin.


So, those were my current favourite skincare products for sensitive and dry skin and that therefore concludes this post! I really hope that this helped some of you and I'd love to hear any of your own recommendations so please do comment and leave them below.

Thank you for reading.

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