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Hey guys! As some of you may know, I have very sensitive skin. Since a very young age I have had eczema too and so my skin is very vulnerable to certain things and this can cause irritation and flare ups.
Recently, I also had a flare up of eczema on my face - the only part of my body that had never been affected by my sensitive skin. Since this, I decided to really evaluate all the products I use on my skin and in this post I thought I would share with you the brands and products that I find work the best for me and that will perhaps therefore work for some of you too. All the brands I am going to mention are great even if you don't have sensitive skin and perhaps want products more gentle and more natural.
This is going to be a two-part post: today I'm going to talk about the facial skincare products I love, and then my next post is going to be all about the body products I love. So, let's get started!

Burts Bees:

I have raved about Burt's Bees in the past and todays post will be no different as I just had to give them a mention. Before my face became so sensitive and I had a flare up, I'd never really paid an interest into this brand. However, since using their products I've fallen in love. They're products are natural and contain honey - a known ingredient that is good for nourishing and treating the skin.

 I started off with buying a mini set of a few products before diving in and paying for anything full-sized. The product I loved and immediately bought in full-size after trying was their Soap Bark and Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream. This product is so gentle and leaves the face feeling so fresh and clean. It removes makeup and any other build up on the face like a dream and your face feels really moisturised after. As I said, it's very gentle and causes me absolutely no irritation. I've reviewed this product more in depth on my blog and you can check that post out here.

I also love their Sensitive Facial Cleanser specifically made for more sensitive skin which I find works more or less the same way as the chamomile one but this one lathers up a little more and goes on a lot thinner. Both products cost more than a regular cleanser would but I personally think the amount you get (and how far it goes) teamed with the quality of the product itself, makes it more than worth it!


Biorderma is another brand that I discovered around the same time as trying out Burt's Bees. You may well have heard of Bioderma as their Sensinio H20 Miscellar Water is very popular in the beauty community. I do actually use this myself and it's perfect for sensitive skin. Whilst I don't use mine to remove makeup, I love it when used as a toner. It helps to prevent my skin feeling irritated whilst also making sure it is nice and cleansed and helping to dispel redness.

Photo credit: Bioderma Website
Other products I have really been enjoying Bioderma is their Atoderm PP Baume and Atoderm PO Zinc moisturisers. Both of these are targeted specifically at Atopic skin conditions (such as eczema) but are also perfect for dry skin. The PP Baume helps to repair the skin and reduce the urge to scratch any irritated areas. The Atoderm PO Zinc also helps to repair the skin as well as helping to soothe symptoms of dryness. Both products are suitable for use on adults and children. I find both to be very gentle and thin enough to go along way on the skin but to also lock in moisture and keep my face feeling supple.

Photo credit: Bioderma Website


Simple is a brand I have used and enjoyed for a long time. It's an ideal, basic brand for people with sensitive skin as their products contain no nasty perfumes and only pure ingredients. This means that their products are gentle and soothing to those of us with easily irritated skin. As well as this, their price are so affordable for a skincare brand so they are perfect for every day use.

The main product that I love to use is their Replenishing Rich Moisturiser. It's a basic, light weight moisturiser that keeps my skin feeling soft and nourished without being heavy. It's just a great everyday moisturiser.

I also really love the Refreshing Facial Wash Gel and Facial Scrub. Both products cause no irritation (even the scrub) and leave my face feeling clean and most importantly not dried out or tight. The scrub really helps to rid my skin of dead skin without my skin feeling uncomfortable from using it.

Eye care has been something I've really gotten into these past few months and Simple's Soothing Eye Balm and Revitalising Roll On are products that I've been enjoying. Knowing that they are so 'simple' and gentle, I feel confident on using them on my eyes. They help to keep my eye area feel moisturised and soft and I can feel confident that won't become irritated from use. I particularly love the roll on for reducing puffiness and dark circles in those mornings.


Finally, I'm going to talk to you about Olay. Olay is one of the only drugstore brands that I've found do quite an extensive range of products with variations specifically for sensitive skin. One of my favourites is their classic Beauty Fluid. As the name suggests, the product is very thin and for this reason you really don't need a lot of it. You get an impressive amount of product for the price and I find the fluid itself to be really softening and moisturising - helping to lock moisture into my face throughout the day. Similarly to the Simple moisturiser, it's great for everyday use.

Night time is the best time to really treat your face and apply a product to work through the night so that you can wake up with lovely feeling skin. Olay's Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream is a product that does just that. It's just the right thickness for a night cream in my opinion and it really sinks into the skin making it feel so supple all night long and when you wake up. As well as this, it also has the anti-ageing side to it which means that it's going to help prevent the signs of ageing as well nourish my skin - which is always nice.

So, there you have my favourite facial skincare brands and products for sensitive skin right now.
 I hope you found this post helpful, there's quite a variety here so I think there is definitely something for everybody. I love trying out new products so if any of you have any suggestions of new ones to try, please do leave them below! And as always if you have any comments at all, i'd love to hear from you.

Thank you for reading this post!

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