Finding Your Personal Style: Wardrobe Basics!

Finding your personal style is an ever changing and evolving process. I don't really think I myself have a particular type of style as such or one 'trend' that defines how I dress. I do however dress the way I want to and I style things my way and I think that's what 'personal style' really means - it's for you, it's personal. When it comes to fashion, I think what's most important is not feeling pressured by trends and what everyone else seems to wearing - if you want to, by all means take inspiration from that but never feel like you have to like something if you don't.

Fashion has no rules and you don't always have to look or dress a specific way all the time if that's not what you're into or makes you feel happy and comfortable. Whatever your fashion sense and whatever statement or expression you want to make, make it for yourself and enjoy it!

With all that in mind, I do think it's aways good to start somewhere especially if you're in the process of renewing your wardrobe or just don't know where to begin. So, I'd thought I'd list my own personal recommendations for good staple items of clothing and footwear to have in your wardrobe - items that I think are a good basis for your own style to blossom from. These of course are just suggestions so feel free to give or take here and there. Like I said, there are no rules!

I've also created an interactive list for you guys with various examples of the different items I mention in this post. You can actually view and purchase these items if you like them! I made this through the Shopcade website which is a personal shopping application host to loads of different well known shops and brands. You can use the site (and the Shopcade app) to search for all sorts of different things like clothes, accessories and beauty items AND you can make your own list just like the ones I have made on this post. You should definitely check out Shopcade if you haven't already - it makes online shopping fun and a lot easier.

Anyway, onto my recommendations...


  • Denim Jeans: Jeans are a staple item that I think can truly work well in anyones wardrobe. They go with anything and can be easily dressed up or down. For those of you who don't like conventional jeans or find them uncomfortable, you can opt for jeggings - a mixture of jeans and leggings for that added comfort. Denim jeans come in a whole range of sizes and styles so there's bound to be a perfect pair out there for you. I'd recommended having these basic colours in your jean collection: light blue, mid blue and black. These three colours will go with pretty much anything and from there you can experiment a little and try different colours and prints!
  • Cami Tops: Cami's are a great basic piece to have in your closet. You can layer them, wear them alone, and wear them with a multitude of different bottoms and accessories. Black, white, grey and striped cami's are always good to start off with as they are colours and prints that go with near enough everything. Of course though, don't be afraid to get some other colours and prints - whatever you think looks good!
  • Leggings: A pair of black leggings is probably one of my highest recommendations for any womens closet. Mostly because they are so comfortable and can easily be dressed up for days where you want to feel cosy but still want to look like you've made an extra effort! Leggings right now also come in a multitude of different colours and prints so there's lots of choice.
  • A White Blouse: This is a great piece because it can be incorporated into both a formal work and everyday wardrobe. It's a timeless piece that can be the basis for a really stylish outfit by accessorising. It's a piece that you can also really strip down and pair with simple, minimal items.
  • A skirt: Always a good item to own. With various different styles and cuts available, a skirt is so versatile and is ideal for literally any occasion. My favourite style of skirt is the skater and I think a black skater is probably one of my most worn pieces. Again, you can experiment with different colours and prints - the best bit is that you can wear a skirt in any season by just opting for tights when it gets a little bit colder!
  • The Little Black Dress: The black dress is a piece that is simply timeless and will you sort you out for nearly any occasion with the right accessories. From there, don't be afraid to pick out some more dresses that take your fancy - it's important that you enjoy your style and have fun with it! Oh, and it doesn't have to be ''little' either - wear whatever fit and style that you think is most flattering on your body shape.
  • A Winter Coat: Yeah, this is probably an obvious one but it's still a definite basic item to have! A winter coat is of course going to keep your warm on those colder days which if you live in England like me, is every other day... I'd suggest firstly getting a colour that'll go with every kind of outfit: a navy blue or a black perhaps.
  • A Lightweight Coat / Jacket: Always handy to have when it's not exactly cold but it's not majorly warm either. I'm more or less always cold through any type of weather so I always like to have a lightweight jacket with me to throw over more of a summery outfit if I need to. My favourite style is the parka jacket or the classic denim jacket!


  • Ballet Pumps: Ballet pumps are comfortable and come in various different styles and colours. Any woman can walk in them (unlike with high heels - now that's a skill) and they can go with anything. They can add that girly touch to an outfit or simply that more casual, laid back touch. Colours like black, a nude and tan are colours I'd recommend to start with and from there you can choose any colour you'd like.
  • A Pair of Trainers / Plimsolls: Some may think that trainers or plimsolls aren't really feminine but I definitely have to disagree. I think they can really add something to any outfit - girly, going out or just casual. A good pair of Converse is one of my favourite go-to items of footwear because they are stylish, comfortable and go with pretty much anything!
  • Black Heels: I'm not the biggest fan of heels. Not high heels anyway, I just can't walk in them and I don't find them comfortable. Luckily, there are all sorts of different styles and heel sizes that black heels come in and so they are a great staple piece for an outfit. A nice pair of nude heels are also a good staple to have and a really bright pair will add a nice pop of colour to an otherwise plain outfit.
  • Ankle Boots: These are a particularly good item of footwear for the colder months. They will keep your feet nice and dry and not to mention warm and cosy. They can be worn in a variety of different looks too. They can be heeled or flat based on your preference and I find that black and tan are my go-to colours that pretty much go with any outfit.

I think that pretty much covers everything! I really hoped this helped anyone out there that maybe wanted a bit of guidance on personal style and where to begin. Creating a wardrobe and finding yourself style wise can actually be quite daunting and I know for one that mine is always changing and adapting. Let the people and the world around you inspire you and never be afraid to express yourself. Most of all, be confident in what you're wearing and feel good!

Thank you for reading!


SKINCARE: My Favourite Products / Brands for Sensitive Skin - PART 2:

Hey guys! So, this is going to be the follow up post to my previous one on skincare products for sensitive skin. In my last post, I looked at facial skincare and now I'm going to be talking about products for the rest of the body! Let's jump right in...


I'd never tried any Aveeno products up until recently but I'd heard great things about the brand and what it can do for people with eczema. I decided to give it a go and I picked up the Daily Moisturising Body Lotion. Aveeno products are enriched with natural oatmeal and rich emollients and this helps to keep the skin feeling moisturised throughout the day. It nourishes and really helps to tackle the problem that is dry skin. The formula of this particular product is quite thin and so it means that a little bit goes a long way and I personally have found it makes a noticeable difference in helping to dispel dryness.


I've always loved anything with cocoa butter and Palmers is a brand I've enjoyed for years. The product I've been using at the moment is the Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E (both the fragranced and un-fragranced versions) and I really like it. The formula is rich and thick and it sinks into the skin making it feel so soft. As well as this, Palmers is known as a brand for it's products helping to fade imprecations on the skin such as stretch marks and scars.

Coconut Oil:

I'm always down for trying any natural remedies and organic coconut oil is one of my favourite discoveries. Coconut oil has many qualities that make it an ideal product for the skin (and hair). It's extremely moisturising and anti-bacterial too - which means its great on any cuts, sores or even acne because of it's healing properties. Not only this, because of the fact that it comes in a solid form and melts into an oil when heated, it goes a very long way - a pot of this stuff will last you for a good while. I would stress though (especially if you have sensitive skin) to make sure you buy organic coconut oil only as opposed to the regular stuff so you can be confident in knowing that no nasty pesticides or chemicals will be applied to your skin along with it. I wrote an in-depth post on the benefit of coconut oil which you can check out here. Also, if you don't know where to get coconut oil from, you can purchase it from your local Supermarket or Holland & Barrett - the particular one I use  can be purchased here.


One of the more specific brands targeted at those with atopic skin conditions and dry skin is Oilatum. I'm a big fan of this brand because all of the products I have tried from them are just so gentle and soothing to my skin - especially if I have just had a flare up. 

The Oilatum Cream is an emollient and so it soothes and softens the skin. It helps to relieve itching and causes absolutely no irritation to the skin. It's also fragrance free and it suitable for both adults and children. It's a definitely recommendation from me to soothe the affects of dry and sensitive skin.


So, those were my current favourite skincare products for sensitive and dry skin and that therefore concludes this post! I really hope that this helped some of you and I'd love to hear any of your own recommendations so please do comment and leave them below.

Thank you for reading.


SKINCARE: My Favourite Brands / Products for Sensitive Skin

Hey guys! As some of you may know, I have very sensitive skin. Since a very young age I have had eczema too and so my skin is very vulnerable to certain things and this can cause irritation and flare ups.
Recently, I also had a flare up of eczema on my face - the only part of my body that had never been affected by my sensitive skin. Since this, I decided to really evaluate all the products I use on my skin and in this post I thought I would share with you the brands and products that I find work the best for me and that will perhaps therefore work for some of you too. All the brands I am going to mention are great even if you don't have sensitive skin and perhaps want products more gentle and more natural.
This is going to be a two-part post: today I'm going to talk about the facial skincare products I love, and then my next post is going to be all about the body products I love. So, let's get started!

Burts Bees:

I have raved about Burt's Bees in the past and todays post will be no different as I just had to give them a mention. Before my face became so sensitive and I had a flare up, I'd never really paid an interest into this brand. However, since using their products I've fallen in love. They're products are natural and contain honey - a known ingredient that is good for nourishing and treating the skin.

 I started off with buying a mini set of a few products before diving in and paying for anything full-sized. The product I loved and immediately bought in full-size after trying was their Soap Bark and Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream. This product is so gentle and leaves the face feeling so fresh and clean. It removes makeup and any other build up on the face like a dream and your face feels really moisturised after. As I said, it's very gentle and causes me absolutely no irritation. I've reviewed this product more in depth on my blog and you can check that post out here.

I also love their Sensitive Facial Cleanser specifically made for more sensitive skin which I find works more or less the same way as the chamomile one but this one lathers up a little more and goes on a lot thinner. Both products cost more than a regular cleanser would but I personally think the amount you get (and how far it goes) teamed with the quality of the product itself, makes it more than worth it!


Biorderma is another brand that I discovered around the same time as trying out Burt's Bees. You may well have heard of Bioderma as their Sensinio H20 Miscellar Water is very popular in the beauty community. I do actually use this myself and it's perfect for sensitive skin. Whilst I don't use mine to remove makeup, I love it when used as a toner. It helps to prevent my skin feeling irritated whilst also making sure it is nice and cleansed and helping to dispel redness.

Photo credit: Bioderma Website
Other products I have really been enjoying Bioderma is their Atoderm PP Baume and Atoderm PO Zinc moisturisers. Both of these are targeted specifically at Atopic skin conditions (such as eczema) but are also perfect for dry skin. The PP Baume helps to repair the skin and reduce the urge to scratch any irritated areas. The Atoderm PO Zinc also helps to repair the skin as well as helping to soothe symptoms of dryness. Both products are suitable for use on adults and children. I find both to be very gentle and thin enough to go along way on the skin but to also lock in moisture and keep my face feeling supple.

Photo credit: Bioderma Website


Simple is a brand I have used and enjoyed for a long time. It's an ideal, basic brand for people with sensitive skin as their products contain no nasty perfumes and only pure ingredients. This means that their products are gentle and soothing to those of us with easily irritated skin. As well as this, their price are so affordable for a skincare brand so they are perfect for every day use.

The main product that I love to use is their Replenishing Rich Moisturiser. It's a basic, light weight moisturiser that keeps my skin feeling soft and nourished without being heavy. It's just a great everyday moisturiser.

I also really love the Refreshing Facial Wash Gel and Facial Scrub. Both products cause no irritation (even the scrub) and leave my face feeling clean and most importantly not dried out or tight. The scrub really helps to rid my skin of dead skin without my skin feeling uncomfortable from using it.

Eye care has been something I've really gotten into these past few months and Simple's Soothing Eye Balm and Revitalising Roll On are products that I've been enjoying. Knowing that they are so 'simple' and gentle, I feel confident on using them on my eyes. They help to keep my eye area feel moisturised and soft and I can feel confident that won't become irritated from use. I particularly love the roll on for reducing puffiness and dark circles in those mornings.


Finally, I'm going to talk to you about Olay. Olay is one of the only drugstore brands that I've found do quite an extensive range of products with variations specifically for sensitive skin. One of my favourites is their classic Beauty Fluid. As the name suggests, the product is very thin and for this reason you really don't need a lot of it. You get an impressive amount of product for the price and I find the fluid itself to be really softening and moisturising - helping to lock moisture into my face throughout the day. Similarly to the Simple moisturiser, it's great for everyday use.

Night time is the best time to really treat your face and apply a product to work through the night so that you can wake up with lovely feeling skin. Olay's Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream is a product that does just that. It's just the right thickness for a night cream in my opinion and it really sinks into the skin making it feel so supple all night long and when you wake up. As well as this, it also has the anti-ageing side to it which means that it's going to help prevent the signs of ageing as well nourish my skin - which is always nice.

So, there you have my favourite facial skincare brands and products for sensitive skin right now.
 I hope you found this post helpful, there's quite a variety here so I think there is definitely something for everybody. I love trying out new products so if any of you have any suggestions of new ones to try, please do leave them below! And as always if you have any comments at all, i'd love to hear from you.

Thank you for reading this post!

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REVIEW: Maybelline Baby Skin Primer.

Hey guys! Today I have a review for you all on Maybelline's Baby Skin primer. I'm not really into primers all that much, I do notice a difference when I use them but they don't really interest or excited me. However, this one did catch my eye for some reason and for the past few weeks I've been trying it out and so I thought I'd share with you my thoughts on it.

Maybelline's Baby Skin is a lightweight primer that promises to instantly erase your pores and to make your face look 'poreless'. The product itself has cute packaging as you can see like all the 'Baby' range does, bright colours reminiscent of the Summer.

The product is transparent and fairly thick in consistency, there's no tint to it on the skin and there's also no fragrance. A little bit of this goes a long way so you don't really need a lot at all. It spreads evenly and nicely - there's no difficulty in applying this across your face with your fingers and it doesn't gather in any particular area.

It also doesn't cause any irritation or breakouts in my skin. My skin is very sensitive and can be quite dry or oily at times but I've had no problems with the condition of my skin with this product. This may be because this primer - like many others, is silicone based. Though opinions on silicone varies, it sits on top of the skin and therefore protects the layer of skin and locks in any moisture whilst filling it uneven textures. Due to this, it doesn't clog up your pores which would cause breakouts to occur. Because of this though, it also locks in any sebum or dirt you have may have on your skin so of course it's important your face is as clean as possible when using any silicone based product. It doesn't really do anything for oily skin in terms of oil control - it doesn't make it worse, but it doesn't really mattify either so this may be something you want to consider if you have very oily skin.

I think it does definitely minimise the appearance of my pores and I do see a differencein how my foundation looks when I have applied this. I also feel it helps my foundation to apply more smoothly and look more flawless. For that reason, I do like this primer but I wouldn't say it will make your skin look completely poreless. It does exactly what you need a primer to do and for that reason I think it's a good product and one that I would buy again. While it's not amazing or a miracle product, it does make a difference to how your makeup looks and I would therefore recommend it. Of course, it all depends on what exactly you want your primer to do, but I think Maybelline's Baby Skin is overall a good option.

You can grab yourself this primer here for £7.99. 

Have you tried Maybelline's Baby Skin? Let me know what you think!
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Makeup of the Day: 20/06/14.

Hey guys, I've got a makeup look for you all today. I thought I'd share this  look I came up with today: it's a shimmery pinky / purple smokey eye and with a nude coral lip. I didn't really know where I was going to go with this look when I was doing it but I quite like how it turned out.

The whole eye look was more or less done with the Sleek i-Divine palette in 'Vintage Romance'. I used the shades Marry in Monte Carloe on the whole lid itself and Honeymoon in Hollywood in the crease. I then used A Vow in Venice and Bliss in Barcelona mixed with Forever in Florence to further deepen the crease and outer eye. Then, right on the middle of the lid I added a little bit of Court in Cannes to add a bit more of dimension to the look. I highlighted with my Sugarpill single eyeshadow in Tako and finished the eye look off with a soft winged liner, a nude liner in my waterline and some of my favourite mascara. 

That's the look complete - i'll be sure to leave links and prices to all the products used to create this look below. Thank you for reading and let me know what you think of this look! 

Maybelline The Rocket Mascara | £7.99 (Currently on a 3 for 2)
Maybelline Baby Skin Primer | £7.99 (Currently on a 3 for 2)
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OOTD: 19/06/14

 Hey guys! I've got an outfit post for you all today. Apologies for the lighting and camera angle, I'm still figuring out the best way / place for outfit photos so bare with me! 

So, I got a new blouse from Forever21 that I really wanted to wear today - I got a really good deal on it as well as I snapped it up from their online sale! As you can see, it's just a striped, chiffon blouse and it has a high-low cut ever so slightly. With this, I wore some blue high-waisted jeans and some black ankle boots. It was a little chilly so I just wore my lightweight hooded parka and then to accessorise, I wore a chunky gold chain necklace. That's pretty much it!

Forever21 Blouse - (Unavailable, alternative) | £18.00
River Island Ankle Boots (Unavailable, alternative) | £25.00
Primark (From ASOS) Lightweight Parka (Unavailable, alternative) | £25.00 (Currently on sale)
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REVIEW: Soap and Glory's SUPERCAT Eyeliner Pen.

Hey guys, I'm back today with a review for you all. This time it's going to be on a makeup product from Soap and Glory. I've never really delved into the cosmetics that they have to offer but whilst recently looking over their stand in Boots, I picked up the Supercat Eyeliner Pen. I've given it a go and now I'm going to share with my thoughts and opinions on it!

So, the packaging is pretty simple: it's sleek and stylish though nonetheless. The product itself is in the form of a felt-tip pen. As you can see, the thinner point is at the top of the nib and as it goes down it gets thicker. This therefore means the product is great for getting a nice thin kitten flick or a lovely thick cat eye depending on what you're into. It also means that you can easily get into between the lashes and avoid that strange white line between your liner and the lashes that you can spot when your eyes are open. 

Due to its style, this product is ideal for beginners. It's also great for on the go to as it doesn't require dunking into a pot to fill up on more product like the more traditional ink-pot liquid liners do. As I said, the fine tip end is great for thin lines and just allows you to be a lot more precise with what you are doing in general. 

The Supercat liner is also really nicely pigmented. The shade is 'Carbon Black' and while I don't think it is quite as intense as the name suggests, it's still rich in colour payoff. One of the things I love most about this product is that it dries really fast and it just won't budge from your eyelids or smudge. There's nothing worse than smudgy eyeliner when you want a defined, crisp finish. One of the minor issues I have with it is that it dries out in the nib fairly quickly in my opinion - meaning you have to press down on it a few times for more product to travel down into it. Other than that, I can't really find any other faults with this product.  

Overall, I'm pleasantly surprised and impressed with this product. I never generally get along with these felt tip liners, but this one I actually really do like. At £6, it's on the pricier side for a liner but considering it's so good for beginners and just anyone who wants to easily achieve an eyeliner look, I think it's worth it. So far, I haven't found a felt tip liner that I like as much as this so I think I'd be willing to buy this again for the price. I'd recommend you definitely give this a go if you're looking for a new liner. You can find this product from the Boots store or on their website here (currently on a 3 for 2 offer!). 

As always, thank you very much for reading this post and I hope that you found this review interesting and helpful. Have you tried the Supercat Liner from Soap and Glory? What did you think? Let me know!
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My Top 10 Makeup Products Under £5.

Hey! So, as you may or may not know, I'm somewhat of a bargain hunter. I'm an avid believer that you don't always have to pay large sums of money to get yourself some amazing, quality products. With that in mind, I thought I'd share with you my current favourite beauty bargains under £5 - these are all products that I have tried, tested and use frequently - they are products I would definitely recommend. Without further ado, let's get started:

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - £4.19:

This is probably one of the best concealers I've ever tried. It's great for under eyes and highlighting but still has a thick enough coverage to conceal spots and other more intense blemishes. At the same time, it doesn't feel heavy on your skin either. There's not a great selection of shade ranges for those with darker skin tones but if you're fair to medium skinned, this is a really great buy for you.

Collection Cream Puff Lip Creams - £2.99:

There are many high end versions of these matte lip creams out there, but I'd say these are just as good. The Collection Cream Puff's are basically like liquid lipstick in lip gloss-style packaging. They dry matte and last for a really long time. They still have that creamy finish without looking glossy and so they don't leave your lips looking dry and cracked like some matte products can. Again, not the widest of shade ranges but all the colours are nonetheless very natural and perfect for the everyday. The one shade I would not recommend is the nude as I don't find it stays on very well.

Makeup Revolution Lipsticks - £1:

Just like MUA, Makeup Revoltion have lipsticks for just £1. The thing for me that I prefer over the MUA lipsticks (though I still love them) is their range of shades. They have some really beautiful, bold lipstick colours in a range of different finishes. I'm a fan of the bold and bright so this is something I really love about the brand. If you're not that into bright lipsticks however, there's no need to worry - they have some lovely natural, everyday shades to offer as well. Makeup Revolution are a fairly new brand and you can find them at Superdrug - definitely check them out!

Maybelline 24HR Colour Tattoo Cream Eyeshadows - £4.99:

I absolute love this product and it's definitely one of my all time favourite finds. As you know from the name, it is a cream eye shadow - you may think therefore that they will crease or lack in pigment. Wrong! They're actually really nicely pigmented and they do not crease. They make perfect bases for other colours and can act like a primer but honestly, I love using them on their own. The shimmery shades especially have this multi-tonal finish to them and so they look like you've put a lot more work into your eye look than you can actually have. You can apply them easily enough with your finger onto the lid and you're all set! A definite must-have from me.

Maybelline Baby Lips - £2.99:

Incase you weren't apart of the hype of this lip product, I'll explain what it is. Baby Lip's are basically like like chopsticks that are supposed to be mega moisturising and softening. Some of them however come in colours and they are the ones I'm talking about. You have a peach, a pink and a soft rosy red. Whilst I don't really rate the product too much for really making a difference to the condition of my lips, they do make them feel quite soft and they also make them look really moisturised. The shades are actually impressively pigmented as well for a chapstick / lip balm formulation. Because of this, it makes them great for a natural look or an occasion when you don't really want to wear any makeup.

MUA Blushes - £1:

For £1, I wasn't really expect much from the MUA blushes but I was pleasantly suprised. I don't rate the cream blushes much (but then again, I'm not a fan of any cream blush), but their powder blushes are amazing. They are so highly pigmented and at the same time very blend able. There's also a nice shade range - from light pinks, deep pinks to corals and peachy tones.

MUA Bronzing Powder - £1:

I have shade 1 in the MUA bronzing powder's and I'd say it's very comparable to Benefits Hoola on me personally. Both of them provide a natural but still defined look and the MUA bronzer blends really well, too. It's build-able but still natural and for £1 pound, you get a great amount of product.

MUA Mascara - £2:

I am so impressed by this mascara. I have very long lashes that unfortunately do not hold curl very well and instead droop downwards. This mascara is one of very few that actually curl my lashes without them looking clumpy. I've ever tried Benefit's They're Real (which I reviewed here) and I can safely say I prefer this product completely. For that price, you really can't go wrong and I'd urge you to try this mascara!

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder - £2.99:

This is a product raved about by many and in my opinion, rightly so. For me, powder's don't need to be complicated and I don't think they should be pricey. All I need them to do is to keep me matte without looking too powdery and / or cakey. This product does that and it's a bargain of a price, too! Simply put, it's a perfect staple item that I think everyone should try!

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Nude Eyeliner - £3.99:

For me, white eyeliner in the waterline does work for emphasising the eyes and making them look bigger but it's a little to obvious and fake. A nude eyeliner however is a lot less noticeable and really keeps all the focus on what you actually want it to do. It has multiple uses as well as you can use it concealer areas and it can be more of a natural highlight for your brows, too. I really like this particular eyeliner because it's nicely pigmented and actually applies nicely to the waterline despite being an area that can sometimes be wet.

ELF Eyelid Primer - £1.50:

Elf's eyelid primer is widely talked about in the makeup community. It's even compared to Urban Decay's primer potion and I'd say that's a fair comparison. Honestly, I think this primer is as good as any and having tried UD's, I don't see a massive difference at all. For a fraction of the price, I'd say for ELF.

And there you have it; my top 10 favourite makeup products under £5. As I said, I'd strongly recommend all of these products and I really think they are worth giving a go. If you try or have tried any of these products leave me a comment, I'd love to know what you think of them! And if you have any recommendations for a makeup product under £5, let me know below as well! 

Thanks for reading.


Boots & Superdrug Haul!

Hey there! Recently I did just a teeny bit of shopping (ok, maybe more than a teeny bit but still!) and I thought I'd show what you I got. It's all beauty and skincare - most of the things I picked up I have never tried before either which is always interesting, hopefully I'm going to love them!

So, first of all I popped into Boots and got some beauty bits. They currently have a 2 for £10 deal on ALL Revlon cosmetics (check it out if you haven't already) and so I took advantage of this and got 2 lipsticks from their Super Lustrous range. The first I picked up in the shade 002 Pink Pout and the second was in the shade 663 Va Va Violet which I am particularly excited to try.

I also headed over to the Maybelline stand and they had a buy 1 get 1 half price deal - you see, it's really the shop's fault that I spend so much... Anyway, from there I got their new 'Matte Maker' face powder. They didn't appear to have much of a shade range, nor did they have a translucent as far as I could see so I just got the lightest shade. 

From Maybelline, I got their Brow Drama brow mascara as well - I've tried clear brow gels but nothing like this and so I was quite intrigued about this product. I got this in the shade Dark Brown.

From the Soap and Glory stand I picked up one of their makeup products. I've never really delved into what S & G have to offer in terms of cosmetics and I was particularly interested in an eyeliner products. And so with that, I picked up their super cat eyeliner which is a liquid liner in a felt tip form.

Lastly from Boots, I picked up this Charles Worthington hair mask. My hair has been feeling kind of dry lately and so I wanted something to bring some more moisture and softness into it. I have actually see blogger and Youtuber MissBudgetBeauty talk about this product a lot and so I thought I'd give it a go.

Now, onto Superdrug! I firstly picked up some mattifying sheets - perfect for this hot, sunny weather when you want to remove some of that nasty oil build up on your face. 

I then got some coconut oil - this I have tried before but it was in a different form. I have tried the organic coconut oil which you'd predominantly find in supermarkets because you can cook with it. This is hydrogenated and lightly fragranced but so far it still has the cosmetic qualities that I got it for and it is gentle on my very sensitive skin. It's a natural, multi-purpose product and if you haven't already, I would definitely try it out for yourself. 

Finally, I got some eye care products from Simple. I really love Simple because all of their products have gentle formulations that are perfect for even sensitive skin and not to mention, their products are super cheap. I picked up an eye roll on and an eye balm - looking after the area around your eyes is very important - it's going to help to eliminate signs of aging but to also care for them as they are very sensitive.

And that's my haul complete! I hope you liked this post and maybe found some products you might want to try for yourself. 

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