Makeup Organisation and Storage Tips!

Hey guys! So, today I thought I'd share some makeup organisation and storage tips with you all - I hope you enjoy!

1. Go to your local pound shop.

Pound shops have all sorts of great things that you can utilise to help you with your storage. Tubs, mini draws, boxes and baskets - these are things that are perfect to put your makeup in.

2. Get a set of drawers.

If your makeup collection is steadily growing like mine, you might not be able to store in it a little makeup box like I used to. Instead, why not get a set of drawers? Until it gets enormous, I'm sure perhaps a set or two of plastic drawers will work just fine which are super cheap and affordable. Or, places like Ikea are super popular for a wooden chest of drawers if that's what you're after.

3. Purpose, brand, type or colour?

A great way to organise your makeup for easy access is to store it in the way that is easiest for you to remember. So, this could be by purpose for instance - which is my choice of organisation. I have a draw for face products, eye products and lip and cheek products. Alternatively, you can organise by brand - pop all your MAC stuff in one spot and then all the L'Oreal in another. You could also organise your products by their type and formulation - is it cream, liquid or powder? You can even organised by colour if you want. Whatever works for you.

4. Store your lipsticks upside down...

Photo Credit: autumnleaves-x.blogspot.com

A great way to store your lipstick is yes, upside down. Usually, you'll find the shade name and colour sticker on the bottom of most of your lipsticks. By storing your lipsticks upside down, you'll be able to easily see the one you're looking for without having to root around and pick everyone up and inevitably turn the upside down to see the name anyway! Of course, make exceptions for those lovely lipstick that show the shade on the top!

5. Labels are your friend!

Labels are great ways to find what you want without having to root through every little thing. If you're not sure on what something you have is called, label it! If your drawers aren't clear or acrylic - label each draw so you know what you'll find inside.

6. Use things around the house.

Photo credit: www.bottledbeauty.com

There are alsorts of videos and blog posts on super cute DIY storage solutions you can make from products in your own home. Even if you don't fancy making anything, things like old vases, old glass bottles and even jam jars make great storage for your brushes. If they're clear, why not fill them up with some funky looking marbles too?

7. Don't put it all away...

We all have products we use more or less everyday for a period of time - we'll go through phases of using certain products a lot for a couple of weeks and then rotating to something different. That being the case, make sure you leave those things out - maybe on the top of the drawer or sectioned off from your other makeup. This saves you having to sift through things when you know exactly what you're going to be using anyway. You can rotate products from this section any time you want too!

And those are all my makeup storage and organisation tips. I hope you found this little post interesting or helpful and please do share you storage tips with me if you have any - i'd love to hear them. Thanks for reading!

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