REVIEW: MALLZEE: Personal Shopper App!

Hey guys, today I wanted to talk about a cool new app I have recently found out about called Mallzee

So, what is Mallzee?

Mallzee is a personal shopper application that you can carry around in your pocket whenever and wherever you are. Mallzee tailors to your own personal style, which saves so much time because you can find exactly what you want easily.

The Mallzee app offers over 200 brands, some of my favourites including ASOS and Topshop - with that much variety there's definitely something for everybody. When you're looking at a product you can also simply swipe to the left for a 'YES' or to the right for a 'NO' - a feature that helps the application to further specify your tastes. As well as this, there are many other specification options which means you can really refine your search and find exactly what it is you want - an element of the app I particularly love and this saves so much time!


Aswell as filtering through products for your and finding stuff to suit your own personal taste, the app has a nifty little twist which allows you to share items with your friends who can then comment and give their opinion on it - potentially saving you from a fashion mishap! I think this is a really awesome idea because it provides a great social edge to the application, as if you're out shopping with your friends - but in the lovely comfort of your own home! Perfect for when you want a lazy day but want to treat yourself to some retail therapy.

Personally, I think this app is a great idea. It saves time, energy and best of all you can find some lovely new additions to your wardrobe with the touch of a button! What's not to love about it? I'd highly recommend it, especially for those of you who love to online shop like myself. 

If you're interesting, the app is FREE to download from the ITUNES store which you can get to here

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