Mini Beauty Haul! OCC, MAC, Sugarpill!

Hey all! I have a little beauty haul for you all today. All of these brands that I'm about to show you are all from America and besides MAC, can't be found in stores (as far as I know) - not easily anyway. I got mine from a great little site called Cocktail Cosmetics - they stock loads of different amazing brands that would otherwise be difficult to get hold of here in the UK - you should check them out! This is my first product from each brand I'm about to talk about and they're sort of on the higher end in terms of money - hence why I haven't bought from them before. Despite this though, I felt like treating myself a little bit and I've really wanted to try some of these products for ages.

The first I got was a MAC lipstick. Of course, we all know about MAC - it's rave about by people all over the world so I was quite confident in making a purchase from theme despite having never tried any of their stuff. I think MAC are probably most well known for their lipsticks, especially the one I purchased: Russian Red. Russian Red is a beautiful deep red shade and it has a matte finish. Considering the prices of MAC lipsticks (£15), I really wanted a shade I knew I'd get a lot of wear out of and I think a red lip is a classic that most women love. 

Next off, I got an OCC Lip Tar - probably the product I'm most excited to try. It's in this absolutely beautiful purple-pink matte shade called Hoochie. One of the reasons I knew I wanted one of these is because you literally have to use the tiniest amount of product to cover your lip. I tested this out myself and I can confirm that is definitely the case - I'm really impressed. I just know this is going to last me a long time AND you get a free mini lip brush with it as well - definitely worth the price. 

Lastly, I purchased a Sugarpill single eyeshadow in the shade 'Tako'. It's more or less a matte white although it does have speckles of shimmer running through it. It's super pigmented and that's one of the main reasons I purchased this as I personally find it difficult to find a decent, pigmented white. Also, I absolutely LOVE the packaging!

And that's it for my haul, I hope you enjoyed! I'll be sure to review these products once I've tried them a few times. Have you tried any of these products?

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