A New Addition...


As you may or may not remember, a little while back I did a 'Meet my pets!' post where I introduced to my little pet family. (If you want to see that post, just click here!)

Well, today I have a new member of that family to introduce... meet Thor!

Thor is a fully bred Staffordshire Bull Terrier, he was born on the 21st November so he is almost 3 months old. I got this little guy when he was 9 weeks old and i've had him now for nearly a month! As you can see his is mostly black with white patches all around his body - he also has speckles of brown on his black coat too.

He is so cute (a little poser when in front of a camera as you can see) and such a lovely little dog. He's settled in really well these past few weeks and he's definitely coming into his own character. My cat Bella and he have their little feuds now and then but they have been getting on really well which I'm happy to say!

He had his first vaccination a few days after we first got him and he will be due for his second set soon. I just can't wait for him to be able to go outside and for him to be old enough to take on walks!

That's all there is to say really, I hope you enjoyed this little post and thanks for reading!

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