A fashion haul..

Hey everyone and Happy New Year! I hope you have all had a wonderful holiday and I wish you all luck and good things for 2014.

I'm kicking off my first post of the year with a good old haul! A fashion haul to be precise. I barely have any space left in my room let alone my wardrobe, but i just can't stop buying clothes and shoes... girl problems.

Anyway, I got a few clothing items and 2 pairs of shoes that I thought I'd share with you today.. enjoy!

Starting with clothes, the first thing I got were these Primark denim shorts that I purchased via Asos. 
They are studded and have a some rip and threaded detailing. Not exactly ideal for this weather I know but I got them with Summer in mind. They were on sale too for only £6.50 so i couldn't say no!

Secondly, I purchased this extremely cute, red heart print skater dress from Newlook. It has a really nice lace detail on the shoulders and I love it!

The final clothing piece I got is also from Newlook but via Asos again and it is this daisy print dress. It's quite grungey I think and a little bit different to my usual chosen style of dress. I really like it though!

Onto footwear now and the final thing from Asos, are these black ankle boots with buckle strap detail. I love ankle boots and these will pretty much go with anything. They were on sale for £11.50 which is a bargain!

And last but not least I got these amazing jelly wedge sandals from Glamorous. They are so cute and I love the little bow detail on the tops. These beauties were on sale for just FIVE POUNDS - how could i say no?!

And that's it! Thank you very much for reading this post - I hope you enjoyed it.

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