2014: Resolutions.

This post is gonna be more of a laid back, lifestyle type post - something I've never done before. I thought I'd talk about resolutions considering this is something that is pretty relevant now we are finally in the new year and something that a lot of us like to think about.

Resolutions aren't really usually my thing and this year isn't really any different. This year I do want to to approach this new year with the intention of changing or start something fresh. Therefore, I don't really make a list of stuff I want to achieve or whatever - but I do want to have an 'idea' too keep in mind that I want to work at and incorporate into my everyday life.

The main thing I really want to encompass in my life is positivity. Positive thinking, positive attitudes towards my life and towards other people, being happy, finding the good in the bad things and refraining from interaction with the things that get me down. That sort of thing. I truly believe positivity and generally trying to be happy benefits you so much and really changes your outlook on things. Perhaps it's said too much and it's cliche, but I really think life is too short for the negatives, it's too short to be unhappy and to let what are often petty things up set you. 

So, that's my main 'resolution' for the year if that's what you could call it. I think it will help me to achieve and open my life up to the other things that people usually put on their resolution lists. It will hopefully work as my motivation. 

Here's to a positive outlook and a fortunate and happy new year.

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