Beauty Haul Ft. OCC, Sleek and More!

Hey everyone! I hope you all had an awesome Christmas and with that, what better a way for me to do a post-Christmas post but with a haul?! 

So, the things I'm going to share with you were partly bought by me and partly received as lovely Christmas presents. As you can probably see, I'm still on that lip product craze I mentioned before - a girl can never have to many lipsticks, right? Let me know if you'd like to see any of these goodies in a review or anything - I'd be happy to oblige!

Products and Prices: 

1. Anastasia Beverley Hills Brow Powder Duo in 'Medium Brown' | £17.00
2. OCC Lip Tar TEST TUBES Set in 'Pink Prism' | £12.95
3. OCC Lip Tar in 'Black Metal Dahlia'  | £11.95
4. Sleek Matte Me Lipstick in 'Fandango Purple' | £4.99
5. Rimmel Kate Collection Lipstick in '08' | £5.49
6. Seventeen Falsifeye HD Mascara in 'Blackest Black' | £7.99

 photo ScreenShot2014-04-06at152327.png


Merry Christmas!

Hey everyone! A quick post just to say that I hope you all have a really awesome Christmas. I've received some lovely presents, had some delicious food and most importantly spent it with people I love! I hope whatever you've done today and whoever you've done it with that you too have had as lovely a day as I have. 

Merry Christmas! 


Review: The Body Jewellery Shop Earrings.

Hey guys! Today I have a review for you of some jewellery pieces that went *sent* to me from Body Jewellery Shop.

I was sent two sets of earrings from this company and in this post I'm going to show you some pictures and tell you what I think of the products I received. The Body Jewellery Shop has a whole range of body jewellery on offer and they have a huge collection of great ear piercing products to choose from.

The earrings that I myself received were both chosen by me and the very first pair are these mini pearl stud earrings. As you can see, they have a white pearl stud and the rest of jewellery including the butterfly back is made from silver. These earrings retail for £1.99 from the Body Jewellery Shop site.

I also received these clear jewelled studs - the jewel is a small heart stone and again it has the classic butterfly back. These are made from sterling silver and the stone measures at 5mm and the gauge at 1mm. These earrings retail also for just £1.99.

What I love about both of these sets of earrings is their simple, classic style. They are subtle and not too out there which for me is exactly what I like in a pair of earrings. This is also means that they're going to go with absolutely anything you wear - thus making them so versatile. I love how small and dainty they as I think they look so nice in the ear - their size also gives them a really feminine look.

 I think these earrings are made well and I in my opinion they feel like good quality. They are comfortable to wear and easy to put in. Overall, I really like these earrings and I especially think they're a steal for just £1.99 each - that's really good value for money and I'd definitely buy off the site myself for my jewellery needs.

** Thank you to etailPR and The Body Jewellery Shop for sending me these items. All opinions are my own! **


GUEST POST: 8 Amazing Ways to Prevent Dry Hair During Winter!

This article was submitted by Cosmetology & Spa Academy. Located in Illinois, CSA is a beauty school with over 30 years of experience in the cosmetology, aesthetics and beauty industry.

Winter can be really harsh on hair. The dry air can wreak havoc on even the most luscious of locks. You can kiss softness and moisture goodbye if you abandon your hair during these trying times.
Let’s be honest, nobody likes dry hair and its lackluster look. But if you’re serious about maintaining texture, sheen, and the general health of your hair, winter won’t snow on your parade. Let’s take a look at how to maintain healthy hair during the cold winter days.

Deep Conditioner is Delightful

Did you know that you can maintain your hair’s elasticity and softness by using deep conditioner throughout the entire year? That’s right, deep conditioner isn’t just for winter! This simple hair management change will save you a world of trouble.
Basically, deep conditioners contain amazing oils and other unique ingredients which coat your hair. Since they deeply penetrate the follicles, you’ll quickly notice the invigorating effects of deep conditioner. However, don’t forget about your typical shampooing routine. Deep conditioner is meant to be used in addition to your regular hair care methods. 

Moisturizer is Magnificent

A high quality, water-based moisturizer can do wonders. Its main job is to hydrate and nourish follicles, thus fighting off the dry winter air. Since moisturizer dives deeply into hair shafts, it’s a great ally in the battle against winter.

By the way, you always want to make sure that your moisturizer is water-based, oil-based ones will only act as sealants. Oil doesn’t moisturize hair, it merely attempts to seal moisture within the follicles themselves. Ideally, your moisturizer of choice should also contain humectants, emollients, and occlusive components. Some moisturizes can be heavy on the oils, but the one you should go with really depends on your hair type. If you want to learn more about the characteristics of hair, a cosmetology program could be what you’re looking for.

Style is Stupendous

The style of your hair has a significant impact on how you should manage it. You can actually just style your hair with moisturizer if you’re going for a full look! But if you want a very defined hairstyle, you’ll need the right styling product that holds your hair together. Keep in mind that styling products greatly vary when it comes to quality. Go for a gel or cream-gel with oils and humectants in order to stay stylish and healthy.
Always apply your gel after your moisturizer so that you don’t have to be concerned whether or not your styling product has high amounts of glycerin and humectants. Your hair is likely to stay soft during the winter as long as you don’t mix up your product order.

Wash Your Hair Less Often

There’s really no need to wash your hair every day during the winter. In fact, doing so will dry out your follicles and remove precious oils. Furthermore, exposing wet hair to the cold elements is also not a good idea. Try to modify your morning routine to give your hair enough time to dry, otherwise it will become very brittle.
It’s also a good idea to apply some nourishing hair oil after your hair has been shampooed, as this will make your hair soft and shiny.

Shampoo Combing & Oil Application

Another hair strategy to think about is combing dry shampoo from the roots of your follicles to an inch or so down. This can scrape off the product that is causing dryness by accumulating in your follicles. Once you’re done with the comb, apply oil to the ends of your hair. If your hair is very thick, feel free to use liberal amounts of oil.

Trimming is Transformative

Regularly scheduled haircuts and trims will maintain your hair’s tip-top shape. Aim to get your hair cut or trimmed at least once every two months in order to get rid of dryness and stop split ends before they ever happen.

Humidifiers are Handy

If your hair is constantly drying out, consider purchasing a humidifier. They’re actually not very expensive and will increase moisture levels around your home. If you do end up buying a humidifier, use it on a daily basis

Preciously Protect Your Hair

When the weather gets crazy, protect your hair with a hat or a hood. Satin lined hoods won’t take away any of your hair’s moisture. And if you’re worried about messy hat hair, wrap your hair in a silk scarf before putting your hat on. Simply put, hats and hoods are some of the best way of protecting your hair during the harsh winter weather.


Christmas Lush Haul!

Hey guys! I have a little haul post for you all today - I haven't done one in quite a while so I hope you enjoy! I have a Christmas themed Lush haul for you with some goodies that are all early Christmas presents - I popped in to Lush yesterday to pick up some of them myself, too.

Firstly, I got 2 bottles of Snow Fairy - I got the large bottles (500g) as you can see and they retail for £11.95! Snow Fairy is probably the most popular product released at Christmas time in Lush and honestly, I can see why. It smells gorgeous firstly and I'd happily buy it all year round if it was sold then just because of that fact alone! Snow Fairy also contains this really beautiful blue sparkle that contrasts really nicely with the pink - it just makes the whole product feel that little bit more Christmassy and along with the smell, it really makes you feel so pampered when using it. This year, Snow Fairy also has an additional ingredient of skin-softening seaweed. If you buy anything from Lush this year, I'd definitely go for this!

Next off, I got a little bottle (100g) of the Rose Jam shower gel which retails for £4.75 - I have previously tried the bath / bubble bar of this scent and I'm really excited to try out this. Rose Jam is a rose scented shower gel containing argan oil, organic rose absolute and rose oil together with vanilla pod.

On to the bath bombs and bubble bars now; I firstly have the Father Christmas bath bomb which is supposed to turn your bath bright red and then to a vivid green. To my liking, it also contains the Snow Fairy scent which I think is great! These bath bombs retail for £3.50 each.

I also got the Candy Moutain bubble bar which is a lovely sweet smelling treat with vanilla. It smells like Lush's infamous Rock Star soap and with give your bath plenty of bubbles layered with a pretty pink mist on top! Candy Moutain Bubble Bars retail for £2.95 each!

So, finally in this haul I got the ButterBall bath bomb which is a bath bomb perfect for dry, sensitive and irritated skin. It contains cocoa butter and ylang ylang for that extra bit of relaxation. These retail at Lush for £2.65 each!


REVIEW: Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Cream

Feet - an area of the body that we all sometimes ignore. Our feet go through an awful lot and sadly it can subsequently show in their condition and so, sometimes we need to give out feet a little bit of a pamper. With that in mind, I thought I'd share with you my thoughts on a product specifically for those tootsies from Burts Bees: their Coconut Foot Creme. I got this product as apart of their Tips and Toes set that I purchased from FeelUnique which you can check out here.

As described by Burts Bees themselves, their Coconut Foot Creme is a natural product combining coconut oil, lanolin, rosemary and peppermint to rejuvenate and refresh your feet. Now, Coconut and Peppermint sounds like a bit of a weird mix right? But this cream actually smell lovely - it's not overpowering as you may think and it's actually a very pleasant scent in my opinion.

The cream itself is very thick in consistency - think of something along the lines of Elizabeth Ardens 8 Hour Cream for instance. And as you would know from that product, it's meant to be instensley moisturising which is exactly what this foot cream is too.

And it is exactly because of it's thick, oily consistency that it's very rich and helps to soak your feet in moisture and give it the hydration and treatment it needs to relieve dryness and cracked skin. This factor also means that it can therefore feel a little bit greasy on the skin and it can take a minute or so to melt the product and effectively work into the skin. 

So, with this in mind, it's probably not ideal as a day cream - unless of course slipping around the house sounds like fun... For me, this is an ideal deep moisturising treatment for overnight use - apply liberally to your feet, pop on some socks and let this stuff do it's magic as you catch some z's.

Overall, I really love this cream and I'll definitely be repurchasing it in a bigger size. A little bit of this goes a long way because of how rich it is and I therefore think that £10.75 (FeelUnique) for full size isn't bad at all - especially because it does actually work for me.


REVIEW: Benefit's Posietint and Benetint!

Hey guys! Today I'm going to be reviewing not one but TWO lip products from Benefit: they're infamous Benetint and the Posietint lip and cheek stains. 

About the Product:

Benetint is a cult favourite among Benefit cosmetics lovers and makeup junkies a like. It's one of if not the most famous product Benefit has ever released. Benetint is a rose-tinted cheek and lip stain that is meant to provide you with a natural flush of colour that also lasts for hours. Posietint similarly to Benetint is used in the same way but is more a poppy, pink tinted stain.

Packaging and Application:

Both products come in cute, nail-polish like bottles with the same sort of applicator brush you'd find in one too. This applicator makes it really easy to get a fast and precise application and it also picks up a nice amount of product, too. Being so liquidly however (specifically Benetint), it can drip from the brush which can be a little annoying but it's really too much of an issues for me.

Shade and Pigmentation:

As you can imaging by the phrase 'flush of colour', these stains aren't meant to be majorly pigmented and are designed to give you a nice, sheer and natural application. I have however found that they can be built up nicely with a few layers so you can get a little more colour out of them. This is also particularly handy if you want to layer the products over a similar colour lipstick or gloss. Both shades are flattering though are perhaps not ideal for darker skin tones as I'm not sure how much colour payoff you'd really get - though Benetint may work, Posietint probably won't offer you much. So, when discussing the actual shades of the two products Benetint is that classic rose flush colour - a mix between red and pink whereas Posietint is a lot more of the pink side and is a little bit more softer.

Formula and Wear:

Benetint is very much a complete liquid stain whereas Posietint is actually a liquid-gel formula making it that little bit thicker. Being a liquid, Benetint therefore can easily fall into and dry into the cracks and lines of your lips so it's important that you work fast. It's also a little bit more on the drier side so you may want to apply a balm or chapstick before application. Posietint is easier to work with and has more of a creamy finish to it. I rarely use stains on the cheeks as it's just not my favourite formula type to use on them but on the lips, I've found that both products wear well. As they dry so fast and are more of a stain, there's little to no transfer and this also means that they last for the whole day as well. Of course, being so sheer of an application, you will find that the bit of intensity there does fade over time (around 5-6 hours) so you may want to apply a little bit more here and there especially if you're wearing the products alone.

Overall, I really love these two lip products. I think they're perfect for a simple, natural makeup look on those days where you're in a rush or just don't feel like wearing much. They provide you with a lovely flush of colour which lasts and can be built upon easily. They're also really handy to just chuck in your bag on the go if you fancy taking off your current lipstick for something less high maintenance. And of course, they're a 2 in 1 product so you don't have to carry a blush and a lipstick! In terms of price, these are £24.50 each which yes does seem like an awful lot for a lip product. But trust me, you get ALOT - even in the mini's which you can find in Benefit gift sets. I'm quite confident that a full size product could probably last you up to a year if not longer so with that in mind, it's actually quite a decent price for a Benefit product if you ask me!

As you can see, I have the mini versions of the two which I purchased in Boots as part of a stocking gift set in which you can choose 5 minis from Benefit for £15! As far as I know this is only available in store but there are plenty of Benefit gift sets on Boots containing these products that you can find here. Alternatively you can find the full size Benetint here and the full size Posietint here!


REVIEW: Too Faced Melted Liquified Lipstick in Melted Violet!

Hey guys! Today I bring to you a lip product review and the product in question today is... (drum roll please) Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipsticks! In this review, I'm also going to be adopting a more framed, ordered review approach and layout so please tell me what you think of it!

About the Product:

As described by Too Faced themselves, the Melted Lipsticks are described as a 'revoluntiary' product that provide you with the staying power of a stain, the intense pigmentation of a liquid lipstick and high shine of a gloss all in one formula. They say that this product will comfortably coat lips maintaining that intense colour as well as lasting all day.

Packaging and Application:

So, the Melted Lipsticks come in packaging reminiscent of a squeezable lipgloss tube with an applicator on the end that's kind of a like a sponge tip. I have found that this really helps to diffuse the amount of product you squeeze out when applying it. The shape of the applicator also means that it's actually really easy to get a precise, fine application all over the lips meaning you don't really need to use a lip pencil unless you want to. 

Shade and Pigmentation:

There are an array of shades available in the Melted Lipsticks and the one that I currently have is called 'Melted Violet'. It's a gorgeous cool-toned bright violet shade and I absolutely love it. Though I have my eye on a few other shades, this instantly caught my eye simply because it was purple and the most unique colour of the bunch. It's seriously pigmented with instant coverage in only one layer of application.

These are the other available shades swatched.

(Photo credit: Toofaced.com)

Formula and Wear:

The formula of this product feels creamy and super moisturising. They're not sticky and certainly don't feel drying either which is something that always puts me off a lip product. They do have a glossy, cream finish but can be blotted or powdered a little to give you that more matte look. In terms of staying power, this product last for hours - easily around 4-6 hours without a touch up in my experience. When it does start to fade, it's usually around the inner rim of the lip but with a quick touch up you're good to go again - and that's including when you're eating and drinking!

Price and Value for Money:

These lipsticks retail at £19.00 in the UK which at first glance seems a little pricey. Bearing in mind Too Faced is definitely a higher end brand, it's actually not as expensive as it seems because at the same time, you're getting a lot of product. There is some serious pigmentation in this product which means you don't need much for a full application so I actually think this is good value for money - especially if there's a shade in the range that you particularly love.

Overall, I really love this lip product and as one of my first ever Too Faced products, I'm really impressed. I love the intense pigmentation and the bright, bold colour of this particular and I think I'll definitely be trying out more in the future! 

I got my lipstick from ASOS for £19.00.


Review: Tigi Bed Head Epic Volume Shampoo & Conditioner

Hey! Now, I know it's a beauty blog and all, but I've been talking an awful lot about makeup recently and I thought it's about time I wrote about something hair related...

So I got this duo from Look Fantastic and I have to say right off the bat that this stuff smells FANTASTIC. It is heavenly, it truly is. It smells like you're washing your hair with strawberries, and candy floss and all sorts of beautifully delicious smelling treats. So yeah, it's sweet (think along the lines of Lush's Snow Fairy if you're into that) and very pleasant to use in my opinion. Of course, if sweet smelling hair doesn't sound good to you, then I'd steer clear because this scent does stick around. I'm pretty sure though that I'd buy these products are purely for their lovely smell so as you may already have guessed, I like it a lot.

Now, perhaps we should get into how it actually works and stuff, eh? So Tigi's Epic Volume Shampoo and Conditioner is of course made to provide your hair with volume and body. It promises to thicken your hair, boost volume and give you bounce and fullness without the heaviness. As a girl with thin hair, volume is definitely something I struggle with gaining and maintaining so this is one of the main reasons I wanted to try these. Upon application, the shampoo is very creamy and lathers well - though I tend to need to use around 1 and a half pumps. Similarly, I use around 2 pumps of conditioner though I do still find both easy to apply to the hair. The shampoo is sulphate is free which is something I've been looking for more in hair products because sulphate shampoos and conditioners can be very drying and damaging on the hair. However, I'm pretty sure that the conditioner is not sulphate free so that's something to bare in mind.

I do think that the shampoo and conditioner provided me with volume and I definitely see and feel more body and fullness within it. Whether it's epic? Maybe not that far - but I'm still happy with the results as I am noticing a difference nonetheless. I haven't actually blow dried after using these products so perhaps that would really provide you with some mega volume if that's what you're going for. I don't however blow dry my hair but I think the fact that I still notice a difference without that means it would most likely definitely do something for those of you that do!

So, the price of this shampoo and conditioner is on the expensive side - at £24.50 (LookFantastic), they are definitely an investment but there are still products out there that are definitely a lot more expensive. You do also get a generous 750ml per bottle which is definitely going to last you a while so I feel like that does even it out a little bit. As well as that, this shampoo definitely does something and the smell is divine - I consider it luxurious because of all these things so it's something to consider a treat for your hair as well. I think at the end of it all, it depends what you're looking for in haircare - if you're not bothered about your shampoo and conditioner then maybe this isn't for you or perhaps it would be a better gift. If on the other hand you're looking for something luxurious and something that's gonna smell great and do a specific job, I'd give this a go. You can buy a smaller 250ml version of each product too if you're wanting something a little less pricey to try out. Overall, I love this duo and it's definitely going to stay in my hair product rotation!

Outfit of the Day: 09/12/14

Hey! Gosh, it's been a while since I've done a fashion post hasn't it? Well, no time like the present! I've had this denim jacket for a while now and I've been dying to wear it and just haven't got round to it. Lately, I've been wearing it quite abit though and I really love it: the fit, the colour - everything!

What I'm Wearing:

Levi's Vintage Denim Jacket (Alternative) | £40.00
Cream Jumper (Alternative) | £19.99
 photo ScreenShot2014-04-06at152327.png


First Impressions: Urban Decay VICE 3 Palette!

Hey guys! How have you been? Man, it's been a bit of stressful week with Uni work and I've still got a little bit more to do. But, the Christmas holidays are approaching and I'm staying positive! In this post, I thought I'd share with you my first impressions of Urban Decay's VICE 3 palette!

So, the VICE 3 palette contains 20 eyeshadows most with a strong metallic finish (though some definitely have more of that kind of finish than others). The colours range from deep burgundy's to neutrals to bright greens and teals. They are also arranged by shade type which is always helpful if you're wanting to go for a particular look.

What I particularly like about this palette is the fact that it comes with a really handy makeup bag which is completely free with the palette itself. This is my first VICE palette and I just love the packaging that this one comes in. It's sleek and stylish and really compact / slim so it'd be great for travelling as well as storage. The abstract design of the packaging is visually striking and really make the palette stand out - it has a really high end feel to it. You also get an additional double ended brush which is again handy for travel.

Let's get into the good stuff: the colours! So, as I said you get 20 shades and they are (from left to right):

  • Truth: Pale pinky nude with a matte finish.
  • Dragon: A bright, shimmery green with a metallic finish.
  • Vanity: A deep eggplant shade with a metallic finish and micro glitters.
  • Undone: A beige shadow with matte/satin finish.
  • Freeze: A bright metallic mid-blue with micro glitter.
  • Lucky: A metallic bronze shade.
  • Downfall: A warm toned light brown with a matte finish.
  • Heroine: A navy with pearl finish.
  • Reign: A deep brown satin.
  • DTF: A taupe with a matte/pearl finish.
  • Brokedown: A golden-brown with micro glitter and shimmer finish.
  • Bobby Dazzle: A metallic with gold micro glitter.
  • Alien: Pinky peach with a golden shift.
  • Last Sin: A champagne shade with silver micro glitter.
  • Alchemy: Deep fuchshia with a satin finish.
  • Angel: A light taupe/silver with micro glitter.
  • Bondage: Smoky burgundy with micro glitter.
  • Defy: A smoky taupe with a satin finish.
  • Sonic: Metallic red-copper shade.
  • Revolver: A soft black shade with a iridescent pearl finish.
So far, i really love this palette. Urban Decay palettes have become my favourites by far and I just can't seem to get enough of them. Their eyeshadows are just so silky and long lasting and so easy to work with. From what I can gather thus far, these are no different either. Some are a little chalky but that's not really a massive issue for me. The colours are a great mix of neutrals and brights for a whole range of great looks for both night and day. I feel that you can create so many unique and beautiful looks with this palette and so many of these colours are unique to my own collection. I'm not really a fan of singles shadows but I can definitely see myself buying some of these shades separately as they are so striking. As you can probably tell then, I'm very impressed and pleased with the VICE 3!

I feel like this palette is ideal for a whole range of people due to the contrast in shades. If you're a neutral gal, you've got them in abundance here but there's also room for a little experimentation with some colour too for those of us who like a bit of something different! 

I'd definitely check this palette out if you haven't already, at least take a peek at it in store and see what you think - I think you'll love it! I got mine from FeelUnique for £42.00.


Photography Work.

Hey guys! Now, I don't usually post about anything other than beauty and stuff on this blog but sometimes I think it's nice to share with you other things that I'm interested in that may not necessarily fit into the usual categories that I write about here.

As a Media student, I produce a whole lot of work from photography to TV productions and I'd like to start sharing with you some of it because I'm really proud of my work and the progress I've made! I also feel like you get to kind of know me a little bit better too so I hope you like these posts! In this post i thought i'd share with you my most recent photography work.

The theme of this project was interpreting the work of other photographers and using this to shape our own signature styles. I selected David Loftus as my chosen photographer - he is primarily a food photographer who is probably most notable for his work with Jamie Oliver. I selected the theme of 'sweet treats' for my subject matter and overall, I'm really pleased with my photos. Now, let's hope my lecturer is too, eh?

I'd love to know what you think of my work so please do comment if you like, feedback is valuable to me! 

As always, thanks for reading :)

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