What I Got For Christmas! Part 1 - Fashion and Accessories!

Hello all! First off, I hope every one of you had a truly wonderful Christmas! In this post I'm going to share with you all of the amazing gifts I got - I am truly grateful and blessed to have such an amazing, generous people in my life and it is them that I most grateful for.

I'm gonna split this post into two separate ones: one which will feature the beauty, skincare and fragrance presents that I received & then another one on the fashion and accessories. This post is going to be on the fashion and accessory presents that I got! So yeah - enjoy! (Quick side note - apologies for the over exposure in some photos - lighting sucked so I used my in camera flash. Some items therefore aren't exactly true to their colour but hey ho!)

So, the first thing I got were of course my floral Dr Martens which as you know, I got early! These are the floral 1460's and I absolutely love them. They go with everything and are amazing quality. They really stand out and make a lovely addition to an outfit.

Next off, I got these Converse high tops. I love my Converse and these ones are a little different. They are actually suede and have this lovely, warm fluffy inside. They are also in the dainty style so the sole is not as chunky as original Converse.

I received this lovely beanie hat too, and it's just a plain cream one from Asos with this cute little bobble on top. It's thick and cable knit so it's going to be perfect for cold weather.

Next we have this Cath Kidston bag which is something I have wanted since i clocked eyes on it in Selfridges. It's in this absolutely beautiful floral pattern and I just can't wait to start using it for Uni. It's the perfect size for everything I will need to bring and you can just tell it's great quality.

Still on bags, I also got this cream satchel from Forever21. I think it's very sophisticated and girly and is a decent size for taking the little essential things I will want if I am popping out or going shopping!

Back onto Cath Kidston, I received this lovely mini purse which I wanted for when I just want to take a little bit of money out or If I'm just heading to the shops or something. It's super cute and actually matches my bag really well which I didn't realise, haha.

The last bag I received was this tan, River Island one. I have one very similar which I got a few years back from there but to my sadness it's sort of.. falling apart haha. Well, the strap is wearing a bit but I really love the bag so I'm so happy I have a similar replacement incase it ever breaks. It looks more or less the same but it is a little bigger which again is perfect for Uni!

On to clothes now, I got this black and grey Superdry top. I love casual, black and white / grey tops, I think they are super trendy and got great with Converse which I have a lot of. This top is really soft and made very well - Superdry is one of my favourite brands.

Next, I got this long sleeved Baseball style raglan top. I have wanted one of these for AGES but could never find one that was either plain, or the right fit and style. This however, is PERFECT!

The last clothing item I received was this thick, knitted cardigan. I love these types of cardigans and they are my favourite to pair with dresses and layer with on cold days. This is in a dark navy colour and I believe it is from Boohoo.

The last gift for this post that I got was this beautiful necklace from Warren James, it is real silver and has absolutely beautiful purple stone hanging from it. Purple is my favourite colour and I really do love this!

And that's everything I got in the fashion and accessories categories! Thank you for reading! Once again, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. What did you guys get? Stay tuned for the next part of this post!

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