REVIEW: Collection 2000's Cream Puff Lip Creams!

Hello! Today I have a review on you on Collection 2000's Cream Puff Lip Creams. I have using these for a little while now and I have heard a lot about them. So, I thought a review was due soon and that's what I've got for you all today, enjoy!

I bought two shades of these lip creams: Cotton Candy and Powder Puff. Cotton Candy, as you can probably guess by the name is a very petty, pink lip cream with blue tones in it. It's very pretty and with one coat still looks quite natural in my opinion but it can be built up very easily so it becomes more of a Barbie pink shade.

The second lip cream I got was in the shade Powder Puff and this one is a light, nude shade. It's very natural looking but I do however find this particular one can make the lips look a little bit too dry so I like to go over them with a nude gloss. It is very pretty however and is perfect to team up with a very dramatic eye.

Overall, I really like these lip creams. I do not usually like a matte finish on the lips but with these, I really do. They don't make the lips look TOO dry and they do retain that little bit of dewiness and moisture to them so they feel quite nice on the lips. The creams also have a very nice, pleasant smell to them which is always a bonus. I would definitely recommend these lip creams, especially for the tiny price of only £2.99.

You can pick up these lip creams from your local Boots and in some bigger Supermarkets.

Thank you very much for reading this review, I hope you enjoyed it! As always, don't forget to leave me any comments or suggestions as I love to hear from you!

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