Current Favourite Autumn/Winter Lip Colours!

Hello! In this post, I thought I'd share with you my favourite and current most used Autumn/Winter lip colours. Enjoy!

So, lately and usually at the time of year I opt for purples, berry reds and pink colours on my lips. The first lip product I'm going to show you is a lip stain. This is MUA's Kiss Proof lip stain in the shade 'Fruitilicious'. This lip stain lasts for ages, it's easy to apply and it looks lovely and has great colour pay off.

Next off, I have another MUA product - a lipstick in the shade '4'. I love MUA's lipsticks and for the price of just a quid, you really cannot go wrong. This lipstick is no different and it's this really nice, simple pink colour with a glossy finish. Not quite a Autumn/Winter colour, but one i've been wearing and linking nonetheless!

Thirdly, I have this Versace lipstick to show you all. I LOVE this lipstick colour and it is so, so pigmented. Even the tiniest bit on your lips can completely cover the whole of them. This colour is very build able and you can make it super dark if you wanted too. It's very creamy and has a matte finish.

This next lip product is one form Collection 2000 and they are called Creme Puff lip creams, I love these products and the particular shade I am wearing most lately is in 'Fairy Cake' which is this lovely mauve colour. These creams last for ages, they are go on very smoothly and feel quite nourishing on the lips despite the matte finish.

And finally, we have Barry M's lip lacquer crayons in the shade 'Cherry Red'. I really like this shade, it's very classy and would go well with a simple winged eyeliner look. This has little bits of shimmer in it and as a product will definitely last ages because of it's jumbo pencil form. It glides on nice on the lips and has a buildable colour.

And those are my current favourite Autumn/Winter lip colours and products! Thank you very much for reading and as always, be sure to comment and leave suggestions down below. What are YOUR current favourite lip colours?! Let me know!

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