Current Favourite Autumn/Winter Lip Colours!

Hello! In this post, I thought I'd share with you my favourite and current most used Autumn/Winter lip colours. Enjoy!

So, lately and usually at the time of year I opt for purples, berry reds and pink colours on my lips. The first lip product I'm going to show you is a lip stain. This is MUA's Kiss Proof lip stain in the shade 'Fruitilicious'. This lip stain lasts for ages, it's easy to apply and it looks lovely and has great colour pay off.

Next off, I have another MUA product - a lipstick in the shade '4'. I love MUA's lipsticks and for the price of just a quid, you really cannot go wrong. This lipstick is no different and it's this really nice, simple pink colour with a glossy finish. Not quite a Autumn/Winter colour, but one i've been wearing and linking nonetheless!

Thirdly, I have this Versace lipstick to show you all. I LOVE this lipstick colour and it is so, so pigmented. Even the tiniest bit on your lips can completely cover the whole of them. This colour is very build able and you can make it super dark if you wanted too. It's very creamy and has a matte finish.

This next lip product is one form Collection 2000 and they are called Creme Puff lip creams, I love these products and the particular shade I am wearing most lately is in 'Fairy Cake' which is this lovely mauve colour. These creams last for ages, they are go on very smoothly and feel quite nourishing on the lips despite the matte finish.

And finally, we have Barry M's lip lacquer crayons in the shade 'Cherry Red'. I really like this shade, it's very classy and would go well with a simple winged eyeliner look. This has little bits of shimmer in it and as a product will definitely last ages because of it's jumbo pencil form. It glides on nice on the lips and has a buildable colour.

And those are my current favourite Autumn/Winter lip colours and products! Thank you very much for reading and as always, be sure to comment and leave suggestions down below. What are YOUR current favourite lip colours?! Let me know!


REVIEW: Lush - Snow Fairy Shower Gel!

Today I have a review for you guys; it's on Lush's infamous Snow Fairy shower gel!

Snow Fairy is an extremely popular, seasonal shower gel that Lush release every year during the Christmas period. This year was actually my first time every trying it and I loved it!

As you can see, the shower gel is this really pretty, bright pink colour and it has little blue glitter bits running through it (which don't stick to you or your hair, don't worry). It has an extremely nice smell; it's very sweet and fruity and has definite hints of candy floss and bubble scents in my opinion. It smells very nostalgic in a lot of ways.

After using the shower gel, the scent actually stays on your skin which is great because it smells so good. It feels very nourishing on the skin and leaves it feeling rather soft.

This is a really nice shower gel and I personally think people of all ages and genders would love it, believe me! It may smell and look like the girlies shower gel ever, but men love it too!

I got Snow Fairy in the largest size they did which is 500g. This was a pretty pricey £10.95 but the bottle is massive and it will definitely be lasting me a very long time. The bottle does come in other sizes too: 100g for £3.50 and 250g for £6.85.

Snow Fairy is a real Christmas treat which I'd use on all occasions. It would make a lovely gift or simply a nice little treat for yourself - give it a try!


TUTORIAL: Wavy hair and side twist.

Hello! I am posting today yet another hair tutorial / look - woo! Today's hair look is this very voluminous, wavy hair with two side twists! Enjoy.

So, for this look you will need:
  • Hair elastics
  • Comb / brush
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair wax / putty

First of all, I recommend this look to be done the night before with damp hair. This I think gives the best results and makes for a softer looking wave. However, it's completely up to you how you want to do it!

So, with either wet or dry hair gather sections about a half an inch to an inch thick, make 3 sections and tightly plait them. Simply repeat this step all around your hair until all of your hair is in plaits. Secure the plaits with your hair elastics. If your fringe is too short or you don't want to plait it, just secure it with a bobby pin away from your face. You can twist the plaits into buns or simply pin them back with more bobby pins so that they are secure and in place on your head, or you can leave them down.

And now, we wait! If your hair is wet just wait overnight and sleep on those plaits or just wait until your hair is completely dry. If your hair is dry, then I'd suggest waiting a good few hours, maybe four or five to ensure the waves will form tightly.

Once you are ready to take your elastics, do so carefully and separate each plait as you go. You hair should now look pretty big and pretty wild! It's time to brush these waves out, gently do so with a brush or comb against your hair - this limits frizz. It is up to you how much you want to brush your waves out, the more you do the looser they should look.

For the side twists, just take a small section of hair from one side of your face. Split this section in two and plait them together in much the same way you would with three sections. After about half way, stop and secure the hair with a bobby pin. Repeat on the other side and your are done!

So limit frizz and create a smoother, softer look - take a little bit of hair wax or any other styling product you prefer and put some on the tips of your fingers, go through your hair in a downwards motion with your fingers, applying the product.

Tah-dah! Your hair look is complete. Have fun trying this look out if you do, I hope you found this post helpful. Thank you very much for reading and please be sure to comment down below!



Hi! So today I have a little bit of a different kind of post for you. It's a collection post and I think i will turn this into a sort of series. Today as you may have already seen from the title, it is my nail polish collection.

Now, I have quite a few nail polishes yet at the same time I do not as I have seen posts and videos of people showing far, far more. It is a growing collection nonetheless, enjoy!

Blacks, greys and browns:

From left to right: Nails Inc 'Soho Street', Nails Inc 'Disco Lane', OPI Nail Lacquer 'Black Shatter', OPI Nail Lacquer 'Silver Shatter', Barry M 'Grey', Barry M 'Dusky Mauve', Collection 2000 'Moda', Models Own 'Pinky Brown'. 

Blues and greens:

From left to right: Barry M 'Indigo', Barry M 'Blue Glitter', Barry M 'Guava', MUA 'Bold Blue', Collection 2000 'Vogue', Models Own 'Golden Green'. 

Clear / top coats:

From left to right: Collection 'Crystal Clear', 2 True Nail Hardener, Nailene Top Coat.

Golds, yellows and nudes:

From left to right: OPI Nail Lacquer 'Gold Shatter', Barry M 'Lemon Ice Cream' , ELF 'Innocent', Collection 2000 'Glam'. 


From left to right: Barry M 'Tangerine', Missguided 'MISSTAKEN'. 

Pinks and peaches:

From left to right: Barry M 'Dragon Fruit', Oriflame 'Floral', Missguided 'MISSDEMEANOR', Collection 2000 'Nudge nudge', Models Own 'Pink Cocktail', Collection 2000 'Kitten', Collection 2000 'Fruit Salad', MUA 'Bright Coral'.


From left to right: MUA 'Lush Lilac', MUA 'Frozen Yoghurt', MUA 'Deepest Purple', Barry M 'Bright Purple', Barry M 'Berry Ice Cream', MUA 'Jellyfish'. 


From left to right: OPI Nail Lacquer 'Red Shatter', Barry M 'Bright Red', Collection 2000 'Geranium', Nails Inc 'Covent Garden Market', Nails Inc 'Dean Street', Nails Inc 'Fever Red'.

And there you have my nail polish collection! I hope you enjoyed this post, thank you very much reading - have you got any of the these polishes?! Let me know!


TUTORIAL: Side twist and bun.

Hi! I have a hair tutorial for you all today. This is an up do I have been wearing a lot lately and I thought I'd share it with you. It combines a cute side twist and a volumized high bun. Enjoy!

So, for this look you'll need:

  • Some bobby pins
  • A fine tooth comb
  • Hair bobbles
  • Hairspray

Let's begin! Firstly, brush you hair out and brush it backwards away from your face. Once you have done this, section off your fringe and a little bit of your other hair from whatever side you want to wear your twist. For this look, I wear my twist on the opposite side that I usually wear my fringe.

Once you have sectioned this hair, pull it in front of your face and put the rest of your hair up into a neat, high pony tail. This will be start of your bun. Now, back to the section of hair; to get a more volumized side twist, gently back comb the hair first. Then take two pieces and twist them - plaiting them tightly against your head, after each twist add more hair to each of your two pieces. Repeat this until you have a twist that goes just past your hair. Pin your twist with some bobby pins until secure.

With the hair in your pony tail, bring it up and back comb the underneath of the pony tail until you have lots of volume. Bring your hair down and tidy any bits that are sticking up, being careful not to brush out the volume. Take one side of the ponytail and poof it up to your liking so that it resembles a bun, then secure it place at the side with a bobby bin. Repeat this step with the other side of the ponytail. Any stray hairs pin in place towards the bun and tuck it underneath it possible. Gently pull out the bun a little bit if you want it to be a little bigger and shape it as you want it to be. Spray a generous amount of hair spray all over the hair to keep it in place.

Once you are done, you can now accessorise. I just took a cute little bow clip and put it in front of my bun. You can do this too or add anything else that you want too!

And that's the look. It's super easy and I personally think it looks really nice. Have fun trying it if you do and let me know how it goes! Thank you very much for reading!


OOTD: 16/11/13.

Hi! Today's post is going to be an outfit of the day..

So, as you can see I wore this thick, cable knitted cardigan in this really nice cream colour. This cardigan is super warm and it looks really nice with a whole range of outfits.

With the cardigan, I wore this flowing vest which a stripe and polaroid print. I really like this vest and it's a great summer piece. As it is of course not summer, I wore a bandeau underneath and the sides of this vest are quite low.

Next, I wore these medium blue coloured jeggings. Jeggings are so comfy in weather like this and I much prefer them to actual jeans. These particular ones are very soft and look great on.

Finally, on my feet i wore my brogue ankle boots. I love these and I think they are so cute. They go with so many outfits and I have been wearing them non-stop lately!

What I wore and where's it's from:

Cardigan - Missguided
Vest - Republic
Jeggings - Newlook
Boots - Newlook

And, that was my quick outfit of the day! Thank you very much for reading. As always, please do leave comments and suggestions down below - I love to hear from you!


MOTD: Copper eyes, red lips.

Hello! I have a makeup of the day post for you all... enjoy!

So, as you can see I wore a copper and brown smokey kind of eye today with these deep red lips. For the eyes, I used my Sleek Oh So Special palette which has a range of great colours for the perfect smokey eye. I also used Miss Sporty's Fabulous Lash mascara on the lashes. I used a Revlon brow powder for the eyebrows. 

For the face, I used Rimmel's Wake Me Up Foundation. I then used Collection's Lasting Perfection concealer and contoured and highlighted with my Sleek Face Form palette. For the blush I used Collection's Shimmer Shades quad blush palette.

On to the lips, I primed them as always with a lip balm and then firstly applied my Soap and Glory Cheek Mate lip and cheek stain. After putting around 2 coats of this on, I went over with my limited edition Barry M red lip gloss.

And that's the look complete! Thank you very much for reading, leave any comments down below!


Current Beauty Favourites!

I haven't ever done a favourites post before and this won't really be a monthly thing as I don't tend to try new things on that much of a regular basis. However, now and I then I think I will do more posts like this one.

So, as you have already guessed this is a favourites post! This will include make up products I have been enjoying using lately and a few skin care / bath products I'm really liking too! Let's begin..

I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS SHOWER GEL! I've never tried Lush's Snow Fairy before and I have definitely been missing out. This is a Christmas product so it only comes out once every year - and for this reason I made sure I stocked up accordingly! It has the most gorgeous scent to it, it's like bubble gum and candy floss - really nice and sweet with a fruity twist. It is also this really pretty shade of pink and has blue sparkling glitter swimming around in there too, this is a definite recommendation from me for a new shower gel if you are looking for one or just want to treat yourself!

My next favourite is Collection 2000 lip creams. I have these in three shades and my particular favourites that I have been wearing a lot lately are Cotton Candy and Fairy Cake. These lip creams are so smooth and moisturising on the lips and they last for ages. I have also posted a review on these lip creams which you can find here

Also on my list of favourites my Real Techniques stippling brush. Since I got it, I have been using this every single day to apply my foundation. I find it gives me just the right coverage and makes the application so smooth and accurate - it also makes for faster application which is perfect in the mornings.

Maybelline Eyestudio Gel eyeliner is another product I have been enjoying lately. I've never tried gel eyeliners before put this one really caught my eye. The product itself lasts for ages and goes on so soothly, giving you a really bold colour too. It's also very long lasting and doesn't smudge - it even stays put in my inner corner which is something I have never found in any type of eye liner I've tried in the past. The applicator you get with this gel eyeliner is also amazing as well which I was pleasantly surprised about!

Another eye product on my list is L'oreals Telescopic mascara. This is an old favourite of mine and a product that I always go back to and repurchase. To date it is the best mascara I have ever used for lengthening and separating the lashes and I would definitely suggest 
it to anyone!

Lastly in eye products is Sleek's Oh So Special palette which I have been using a fair bit these past few weeks. It's a very handy go to, every day palette and it has some really beautiful eye shadow shades within it. It's extremely versatile as a palette and you can create various different looks with it.

L'oreal's Nude de Teint foundation is also on my list for current faves! I have been truly loving using this product lately and I really, really like it. It is so light yet has a great coverage and it feels weightless on the skin. It goes amazingly far as well, only a few drops can cover your entire face. I have review this foundation, you should get it out here!

Finally on my current beauty favourites list is The Body Shop's Vitamin E Day Cream. I got this moisturiser as I really like skin care products with Vitamin E like the vitamin E facial bar (also from The Body Shop). This cream is very light and really moisturising on the skin and makes a great base for make up application. It makes a great daily moisturiser and I'm really enjoying using it currently.

And those are my current beauty favourites! What are yours?!

Thank you so much for reading and do be sure to comment and leave me any suggestions you might have - they are more than welcome!


OOTD: Crop top and High Waisted Skinnies.

Hi! This post is going to be an outfit of the day, enjoy!

So, today I wore this cropped black and white polka dot top. I got this from Primark and I just think it's really cute and considering I love polka dots, I had to get it!

With the top, I wore these high wasted, navy blue skinny jeans. They are supposed to be a super skinny fit but as you can probably tell.. they aren't. However, I do still really like them and the colour and it goes really nicely with my cropped top!

With the top and jeans I wore my favourite pair of black Converse. These are the Light Oxford version and I seriously adore them.

What I wore and where it's from:

Top - Primark
Jeans - Newlook
Converse - Schuch

And that's my outfit for today! I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you very much for reading!


REVIEW: Collection 2000's Cream Puff Lip Creams!

Hello! Today I have a review on you on Collection 2000's Cream Puff Lip Creams. I have using these for a little while now and I have heard a lot about them. So, I thought a review was due soon and that's what I've got for you all today, enjoy!

I bought two shades of these lip creams: Cotton Candy and Powder Puff. Cotton Candy, as you can probably guess by the name is a very petty, pink lip cream with blue tones in it. It's very pretty and with one coat still looks quite natural in my opinion but it can be built up very easily so it becomes more of a Barbie pink shade.

The second lip cream I got was in the shade Powder Puff and this one is a light, nude shade. It's very natural looking but I do however find this particular one can make the lips look a little bit too dry so I like to go over them with a nude gloss. It is very pretty however and is perfect to team up with a very dramatic eye.

Overall, I really like these lip creams. I do not usually like a matte finish on the lips but with these, I really do. They don't make the lips look TOO dry and they do retain that little bit of dewiness and moisture to them so they feel quite nice on the lips. The creams also have a very nice, pleasant smell to them which is always a bonus. I would definitely recommend these lip creams, especially for the tiny price of only £2.99.

You can pick up these lip creams from your local Boots and in some bigger Supermarkets.

Thank you very much for reading this review, I hope you enjoyed it! As always, don't forget to leave me any comments or suggestions as I love to hear from you!

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