MOTD: 10/10/13.

Hello! Today I have a makeup of the day post for you all. I went for a neautral eye and a bold lip today. This look uses pink tones with the blush and the lip products used, enjoy!

SO, as always I applied a light moisturiser to my face and primed my lips with a little bit of lip balm. I then applied my foundation and concealer. I used my Maybelling Dream Fresh BB cream instead of actual foundation because I wanted to go for a really light, fresh look. I concealed with my Rimmel Stay Matte concealer stick. 

Moving on to the eyebrows and eyes.. I lightly filled in my brows with a mid brown eyeshadow. I then primed my eyelids with my Elf primer and then applied a very light, shimmery champagne eyeshadow to the the whole lid. In the crease I applied a light, shimmery brown and blended it out, deepening the colour of the outer corner and working inwards just a little bit. I highlighted my brow bone with a light white shadow and I lined my lower lid with a mid eyeshadow and blended this out. I then applied my favourite mascara and the eyes are complete!

Back onto the face, I used my Sleek Face Form kit to first contour my cheekbones. I then highlighted the top and length of my nose and along the top of my cheeks with the shimmery highlight colour in the kit. For my blush, I used my MUA blush in the shade 'Marshmallow'. 

For the lips I applied my Collection 2000 Cream Puff lip cream in the shade 'Cotton Candy'.

I topped everything off with a little bit of my Rimmel Stay Matte powder to eliminate shine and shimmer in places I didn't want it!

And that is the look COMPLETE! Tah-dah!

I really hope you liked this look, I think it's really simple and very pretty for everyday wear. Let me know what you think of it! Please, leave any comments and suggestions you might have as I love to hear from you all, thank you for reading this post!

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