What's in my bag?

Hey! So today I thought I would do something a little bit different. I don't know what it is but I love what's in my bag posts and videos and I am always looking at them. Therefore, I thought it was time I joined in and did one myself! Let's get started..

So, first off this is my bag. It is a tan coloured messenger bag from River Island. It's a medium sized bag and has a zip all around it that allows for a little more space if needed. I love this bag and the colour especially - it goes with basically everything. I accessorised the bag a little I guess you could say by adding some badges of my favourite bands. Now - what's inside?!

So, the first thing in my bag is my make up bag. This bag is from Cath Kidston, it so pretty and I love the design. I just carry in it things to touch up my makeup with! I bought this from Asos.

I also have my purse in my bag. I got this as a gift but I know that it is from River Island. It has loads of card slots and compartments and I love the design of this purse. It also has a pull out strap so that it can be used as a clutch!

Next off I have my glasses. I got this cute black rose case from eBay and my glasses are from Optical Express. They are Dolce and Gabbana frames and of course prescription lenses.

Also in my bag I have my umbrella. I love this umbrella so much, it is polka dotted which is also a winner for me and I think it looks really retro too. This is from Cath Kidston and was bought from Asos.

My iPod is something I always carry around with me. I love this thing and considering commuting to Uni means buses everyday - this is going to be with me daily!

I also carry with me hand cream and hand sanitize. Germs are everywhere and it also good to have clean hands so that's why I have my Soap and Glory Hand Maid with me. I also sometimes get quite dry and sensitive hands which is why I carry with me this mini Cath Kidston hand cream.

I have this little rose shaped contact mirror which is also a brush. This comes in handy if i wanna put my hair up or need a mirror to touch up!

In my bag I also carry this cute little tin with me. It used to have mints in it and now I just use it to carry some aspirin and stuff in as I tend to get headaches.

I think there's a certain brand trend in my bag because I have yet another Cath Kidston product in it! This time, I have cute little floral bus ticket holder.

I also have this Simple body spray which doesn't really need much explaining! It's in the scent True Love.

Finally, I have this super cute USB in my bag. I will be using this for Uni work when I start in a week or so and I absolutely love it. I am a massive Batman fan so this is not only useful, but pretty cool too!

There you have it! That is what I currently have in my bag. I hope you liked this post and found it interesting to have a little peek into what I keep in my bag! If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them down below as i LOVE to hear from you!

Levinia x

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