Review: Balance Active Formula Venom Snake Mask.

Whilst in my local 99p store, I came across this product and was intrigued by it. Considering it was only 99p, I thought why not buy it! Balance Active Formula Venom Snake Mask is a face mask that claims to tone, purify and refresh skin.

The mask comes provided to you in a tube which I think is great because it means you will get multiple uses out of it unlike packet face masks. It does not actually contain snake venom but it does contain something that mimics the activity of the venom in a Temple Viper Snake.  The mask itself is a clay based solution and is light grey in colour. It applies very lightly to the skin and you don't really need to used a lot of it. It states to leave the mask on for about ten minutes. Within that time, I found that the formula more or less absorbs into the skin. After the ten minutes is up your are told to wash your face and rinse the mask off.

After using this face mask, my face felt a lot smoother and softer. My face is left feeling clean and refreshed, I have yet to notice any toning, though. Perhaps with more use I might! Overall and also considering the price, this is a good face mask and is worth trying. I for one am going to continue using it.

Have you tried this face mask?

Levinia x

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