My Favourite Shower Gels!


In this post I thought I would share you my current favourite shower gels! I love collecting shower gels of all different scents and brands but along the way I have always had ones that I go back to!

Original Source Tea Tree and Mint Shower Gel:

Well to begin with, this products smells amazing! It is this really refreshing but not too overpowering scent of mint which I love. It also lathers up well and a little bit does go a fairly long way. The ingredients within the shower gel also makes you sort of 'tingle' and it leaves your skin very refreshed and very clean. This is a perfect shower gel for an early morning shower as it is great for waking you up!

Lush's Happy Hippy Shower Gel:

This shower gel contains grapefruit and again gives you that tingling feeling, but only slightly. So of course this is also great for waking yourself up. What I like about this product is that it has multiple uses for both body and hair and that a little bit of this product can go a very long way. It is really not my favourite scent but it is pleasant! Lush shower gels are a little pricier than normal shower gels but they are entirely worth it in my opinion as they are natural, great quality and they don't test on animals!

Lush's The Olive Branch Shower Gel:

Another Lush product in this list and this one is probably my favourite! It contains olive oil and bergamot oil as well as other ingredients which are great for your skin. I find that this leaves my skin so soft and moisturized without even putting a body lotion on afterwards. The smell is really nice and only a little bit of the product is enough for my entire body. Again, this product has multiple uses which is always handy.

Soap and Glory's Clean On Me Shower Gel:

I love Soap and Glory and this was one of the first shower gels I had tried by them. I particularly love the packaging of S&G products as it is so retro and quirky. The gel contains ingredients such as mandarin peel and I have found that not only does it clean the skin, it also nourishes it and moisturizes it a little too. The full product is in a large pump bottle and is quite pricey for a shower gel. However, Soap and Glory do advertise to be 'luxury' products and so from that point of view, their prices aren't so bad! I have found 2-3 pumps of the shower gel is enough for my whole body so it doesn't last as long as the others, but I love it nonetheless!

The Body Shop Strawberry Shower Gel:

I adore Body Shop shower gels and I luckily always seem to find them on sale, too! I have tried many of the different scents of the gel they do and I really do love them all. However, strawberry has always been my go to one from their and it's the one I have always stuck to. The smell is lovely, it is not too out there and is instead light and refreshing. These bottles last forever, seriously! Even the little 60ml bottles you can get from their little gift sets last me ages - longer than some of my other shower gels! As with Lush, it is natural and the brand is against testing on animals which I really like about the product and the business. Without fail, I always have to have a Body Shop shower gel at hand - they are just that nice!

And there you have it; my current favourite shower gels! I hope you liked this post and enjoyed reading it. As always, thank you for reading and be sure to leave a comment or suggestion down below!

Have you tried any of the above shower gels? What are some of your favourites?

Levinia x

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