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A bit of a different post for you all today. I love animals and have an expanding pet family - I have had many different pets in my time and I thought I would introduce you to some of them! I shall tell you their names and show you some pictures and give you a little bit of information about them. Enjoy!

So, first off we are going to meet my bearded dragon. She is a lovely lady and her name is Frankie. She is currently around 5 years but I myself have only owned her for a few months. She was given to me and I offered to look after her. She is such an interesting animal to look at and may appear scary to some but there is really nothing to fear. She loves to be handled and though they may not look it, they are very social animals. She is really quite a quirky character as all of my animals are and she has settled in really well here! She lives in something called a vivarium and she has a constant source of heat provided to her via a heat lamp which basically acts as her sun. She eats vegetables, some fruits and greens as well as worms and locusts - yum!

Secondly, lets meet my newest addition. Her name is Skye and she is a beatiful budgie! I got her just under a week ago and as you may be able to tell she is still quite young. I think she has such beautiful colouring and she is really lovely to own. Birds are such nice companions and handling them is an amazing feeling because of the trust and patience required to get a bird to trust you and feel comfortable with you. She is still a bit shakey but she is definitely getting more comfortable and her character is slowly but surely coming through. She eats mainly trill and really isn't very high maintenance at all. As with a lot of animals, giving them attention and one on one time is essential for bonding and it is definitely working so far.

Lastly but certainly not least, meet my beautiful little cat, Bella. As you can see she is a gorgeous silver persian. She is extremely fluffy and so, so soft. I have had her for around 3 years now since she was a little kitten and I adore her. Being a cat and though she is a persian, she really isn't very much maintenance. She likes to sleep a lot and is a very lazy little feline at times. However, she is very friendly and loves to come and give you cuddles and lie on you whether you want her too or not and regardless of what you are doing! I just love buying her pretty little collars with bells on but she doesn't seem as excited about that as me..

And those are my pets! I really hope you liked this post and enjoyed meeting my little family. If you have any questions or comments please leave them down below! Thanks for reading.

Levinia x

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