Easy and Simple Cat Eye!

In this post, I thought I would show you how I achieve this simple, subtle cat eye look. I love the cat eye and I think it looks great however you wear it, but sometimes I like to make a little less dramatic and more natural looking. Keep on reading and I will share with you all how I do this!

First off, these are the things I use for this look:

• A thin, slanted eyebrow or liner brush.
• A matte black eye shadow.
• A liquid liner or liner felt tip.

Now let's begin! First off, I like to start my liner application from the middle and then I carry on towards the end of my eye. I take a little bit of the matte black eyeshadow onto my brush and begin to apply it onto my top waterline in small strokes going across.

When I reach the end of my eye, I continue the line a little further onwards - depending on the desired length of my flick. I then open my eye and apply the eye shadow from the outer corner of my bottom waterline to the end of the line I extended on my upper lid. This should create a small triangle shape which is our flick.

After this, I open my eye and continue to apply the eye shadow softly onto the rest of my top lid until I reach my inner corner.

You can leave your liner here if you wish or you can make it a little more dramatic. The fact I use a brush and shadow to begin with means extending and thickening the liner is a lot easier and more accurate. As well as extending and thickening your liner, you can intensify the colour by applying liquid liner on top!

And it is as simple as that! I hope you found this post helpful and not too confusing. Thank you so much for reading!

Levinia x

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