Tutorial: Dark Purple and Brown Smokey Eye.

Today I have a little eye shadow tutorial for you.. It is this dark purple and black smokey eye look. It's very wearable and you can change it up and tone it down if you please! Keep on reading and I shall tell you how to achieve this look..

First off, prime your eyes. You can either do this with a primer or by adding just a little bit of concealer all over the eyelid. Next off, using my Sleek Oh So Special palette, I mixed the mid and dark brown colours together with a fluffy brush and applied it all over the lid. I took some more of just the darker brown and deepened the colour of the outer corner and crease with it. After this, I took some of dark purple from the same Sleek Palette and applied this onto the lid from the inner corner and about 3 thirds in. I blended it upwards towards the crease as well and blended everything else out as well to remove any harsh lines or colours. I applied some matte black to my inner corner and blended that in a little bit into the crease. I took a little bit of the same black and lined under the water line of my lower lid. I also lined the waterline with a black kohl eyeliner. I took that same kohl eyeliner and lined my top lash line. I smudged out the kohl eyeliner and then curled my lashes. I applied my favorite mascara and then highlighted my inner corner and brown bone with a shimmery white shadow. And that is the look done!

As always, thank you for reading this post. I really hope you like this look and have fun if you try it out! Feel free to leave a comment and make sure to follow me!

What I used:

• Elf Eyelid Primer
• Sleek Oh So Special Palette
• NYC Show Time Mascara 
• No.7 Kohl Eyeliner

Levinia x

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