MOTD: Sunset Inspired Eye Shadow Look.

Todays post is going to be on this really colourful, sunset inspired eye shadow look. It uses bright, warm colours that really emphasize the eye colour as well as look super pretty!

So, to begin I primed my eye and then applied the orange eye shadow from my BeautyUK Soho palette. I blended it out to about just over a third of the way in. Next to the orange shadow, I applied a matte pink all the way into the outer corner. I blended it into the orange aswell to avoid any harsh lines. I also blended the orange and pink into the crease as well. Next off, I took a bright matte purple and applied that onto the outer of my eyelid and into the crease about a quarter of the way in. Once again, I made sure everything was blended and I also mixed a bit of the pink and purple together to line my bottom lash line with. I highlighted my inner corner and brow bone with a little shimmery white shadow and then I applied my liquid eyeliner which I flicked out. Finally, I curled my lashes and applied my favourite mascara.

And that's the look done! I love this look and I hope you do. Have fun trying it out and let me know if you do - thanks for reading!

Levinia x

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