NOTD: Red Nail With Silver Heart Gems.

In this post I am gonna show you guys how to do this really simple red nail and silver gem look. It is a cute and elegant nail look and is very fast and easy to achieve!

So, to begin I shall tell you what you will need:

• A top coat / base coat.
• A red nail varnish.
• Nail gems.
• A cotton bud.
• Nail glue (optional).

Lets begin! First things first, file and buff your nails as usual to prepare them and then apply a base coat. Let this dry and then begin to apply the red nail varnish. The nail varnish I used was Barry M's Bright Red and I applied two coats of this to the nails. I then applied a third coat of the red polish. Then, as the nail varnish is tacky, I added my gems. The gems I added were from eBay and are part of a multicoloured wheel and they are in the shape of hearts. To apply my gems, I took a cotton bud and moistened it slightly which allowed me to pick up the gem and I then carefully placed the gem where I wanted it to go and positioned it if neccessary with the end of the bud. Here is where you can get creative and put the gems wherever you like! I decided to just put mine vertically in a simple line of 3 in the middle of my nails. Once you have applied the gems to each nail you can then lock them in place using a top coat. Alternatively, instead of using the tackyness of the nail varnish to stick down the gems - you can simply use nail glue though either way works effectively.

And there you go - your nails are complete! As I said, this is a really simple elegant look and is perfect for going out to a party or just if you feel like doing something a little fancy. You can play around with alsorts of gems and stones and really create something unique. I hope this look gave you a little inspiration - thanks for reading!

                                                                      Levinia x

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