MOTD: Smokey Brown Eye and Red Lip.

This make up look consists of a neutral smokey brown eye and a bold red lip. Keep on reading and I shall tell you how I achieved this look..

To start, I prepared my face. I applies my foundation and concealer and then set everything with a matte powder. One I had finished with my face, I moved onto my eyes and eyebrows.

I brushed through my eyebrows with an eyebrow comb and then used a medium brown powder and a slanted eyebrow brush to fill them in. Once I had done this, I brushed through my brows again to remove any excess powder and make them look a little more natural.

After finishing off my brows, I primed my eyelids and applied a medium brown colour all over my lids and blended to get rid of any harsh lines. Next off, I applied a darker brown into my crease and outer corner and blended that after as well. I added a little more of the dark brown just to deepen the corner and then I added a light nude colour to the inner eye corners and brow bone for a highlight. I curled my lashes and then applied some black eyeshadow to my top lid lash line - just a thin application. I then took a smudging brush and smudged this out along the lash line and a then took a fluffy brush and blended it upwards and outwards a bit more. I also lined my lower lash line below the waterline and smudged this in the same manner as well. After all that, I took my favourite mascara and applied it to my lashes!

Onto the cheeks and lips - I contoured a little using the contour powder from my Sleek Face Form palette. I then took an orangey-red MUA blush and lightly brushed it on to the apples of my cheeks and finally I highlighted with the highlight colour in the Sleek palette. I highlighted the tops of cheeks and along the length of my nose. On the lips I applied a bright red to them using my Real Techniques lip brush.

And that is the look! Thanks for reading.

Products used:

• Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation
• Collection 2000 Concealer
• Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
• Sleek Face Form Palette
• MUA Blusher
• MUA Lipstick

• Elf eyelid primer
• Revlon Brow Powder
• eBay 88 Warm Palette 
• NO. 7 Kohl Pencil
• L'oreal Telescopic Mascara

Levinia x

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